How to Determine If You Need a Vape Coil Replacement -

How to Determine If You Need a Vape Coil Replacement

Although vape kits should give you more value for your money as an investment, that doesn’t mean you won’t go through the regular habit of purchasing replacement parts. Besides your e-liquid and batteries, you may also end up replacing some of your build’s components if you start seeing signs that they’re deteriorating. For example, a damaged vape coil can work against your vaping budget since it will continuously give you a bad vaping experience.

Detecting signs of damage to your vape coil

Maintaining a functioning vape coil is essential to match your vaping experience. Although it’s necessary to frequently replace your vape kits’ parts, you could buy the wrong replacement part if you misdiagnose your vape kit’s issues.

Before you throw away a perfectly good vape coil, here are three signs of deterioration you should check:

1. Odd-tasting e-juice

Once you're familiar with how your e-liquid tastes like, it’s not uncommon to notice odd changes in its flavour. For people consistently using the same brand of e-juice, this won’t be an issue. However, vapers who are swapping juices or attempting to mix their own concoction can have difficulty determining that something’s off.

It’s best to have a test taste of your chosen e-liquid before you mix it in with your vape tank. Additionally, you need to have a spotless vape tank to ensure that no leftover residue will mix up with the new liquid. If you followed these steps properly and find something odd on the first pulls of your fresh e-juice, this means that you already have a defective vape coil.

2. Leaking vape tank

Having a faulty coil leads to an improper process to wick your e-liquid. It creates leaks in your vape tank due to the gaps in airflow. There are cases when your coil will do if it’s not screwed correctly. However, if the leaking still persists after screwing it in place, you may have a defective vape coil due for a replacement. Unfortunately, there can be other causes for vape tank leaks. This is why you need to check for other potential reasons before you consider replacing your vape wick.

3. Gurgling noises during vaping

Like the strange hum of your car’s radiator, hearing sounds from your vape kit can signify that some of its components have damage. It can manifest as gurgling or slurping sounds that can make you jump and drop your vape kit from shock. These sounds generally point to the full deterioration of your vape coil.

The gurgling happens due to the solidification of the juice around the coil. This causes the solid residue to block juice from passing through the cotton with ease, similar to drinking drinks with shaved ice. Thankfully, having these problems doesn’t always point to a broken vape coil. However, it may be best to order a new vape coil in case the issue of solidifying residue doesn’t improve after cleaning.


The more you know about your vape kit’s components, the better you can care for them for long-term use. Thankfully, you can easily replace a few faulty parts by ordering replacements from a reliable supplier. Eventually, you can create different builds to customise your vaping experience. Doing so will allow you to experiment on other e-juices and atomisers to give you the sweet spot for a perfect hit.

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