How to Introduce Vaping to Your Parents? - Our Guide -

How to Introduce Vaping to Your Parents? - Our Guide

If mum and dad are grappling with decades-old cigarette addiction, getting them to toss the corner shop packet is a nearly impossible feat. Between assisting your boomer parents with their too-advanced smartphone and replacing their smokes with an electronic alternative, the latter might pose a more significant challenge. 

After all, the media isn’t backing down on its supposed health hazards. Yet, landmark research states that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than their combustible counterparts. With that in mind, vaping isn’t without its risks, but is far more sound in their health outcomes. 

Get Back to Basics

Vapes come in various shapes, sizes, and flavours, some of which your parents might immediately dismiss as something that “just isn’t for them.” Keep in mind that, as a seasoned vaper, what works for you might not tickle their senses. 

Start with the foundations of vaping by building an appropriate vaping kit—with their willing consent, of course. What to throw into your basket will ultimately depend on their preferences. But before you hit the vape shop, consider the following tips to help ease mum and dad into the idea of a healthier habit. 

  • Let Them Know the Reasons Behind the Change
  • Cigarette addictions are wrathful—people can’t always tell when they’re succumbing to nicotine addiction. Give your parents perspective by expressing how you feel about their addiction. If they’re not willing to quit cold turkey, they may be open to reevaluating their priorities. 

  • Hear their Hesitations
  • Allow your parents to air out their concerns. If you’ve ever been one-half of a lovers’ quarrel, you’ll know when the opposite party is no longer hearing you. Even when you disagree, encourage them to speak out about their difficulties. 

  • Be Encouraging
  • Your parents have agreed to make the switch, but the work doesn’t stop there. Now and then, be forgiving of relapses and slip-ups. When the time comes, don’t neglect their struggles. 

    Give them a call or offer to spend some time together to relieve the stress of withdrawals. If you’ve personally endured the hardships of transitioning from cigarettes to vapes, you’re more than likely to empathise. 

    Indulge your parents in activities that remove the temptation to smoke. Spend an afternoon at the movies or their favourite coffee shop. Suggest other activities to distract them when you’re not around.

  • Don’t Get Naggy
  • All smokers will know the nightmare that is eliminating tobacco from your daily diet. Don’t make it hard on your parents with nagging. The journey towards becoming tobacco-free isn’t a simple one. 

    Overall, the decision to replace traditional cigarettes with a vape should be their decision—not yours. The act of throwing out used packs, ashtrays, and disposable lighters should be their unique victory. 


    If your parents are the smoke-a-pack-a-day type, it can be a challenge to facilitate their transition into e-cigarettes. However, with the right mindset and access to the right vape, making the switch may not be as hard as they think. 

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