How to Switch E-Juice Flavours Without the Bad Aftertaste - Our Guide -

How to Switch E-Juice Flavours Without the Bad Aftertaste - Our Guide

As far as vape juice goes, the selection is vast and ranges from every flavour you can think of under the sun - from traditional tobacco flavours to sickly sweet desserts, or minty refreshers to savoury snacks. 

With such an extensive list, it’s easy to get excited and spice up your palette by switching E-juice to E-juice when you’re in the mood for something new. However, adding a new flavour when there’s still some left in your tank can result in an unpleasant concoction, more similar to an E-juice Frankenstein rather than a mix of fruit salad. 

When that happens, it’s almost impossible to try and finish the ruined juice. To avoid wastage, here are some tips and tricks on how you can make the most out of your E-juice selection and chase clouds without dealing with a bad aftertaste.

Multiple Tanks is a Must for an E-Juice Connoisseur 

If you love to explore and experiment with different flavours and are always on the hunt for the next best thing, it may be best to invest in having an extra tank or two for your vape. While it can be costly, it is more efficient in the long run as you can avoid having to clean your vape every time you want to switch to a new flavour as you can pop in a new one anytime you’re in the mood for change. In retrospect, having at least a spare tank will save you time and wasted liquid.

Clean Your Tank and Coils

If the tips above are out of the equation, try cleaning your tank and coils. This may feel like a hassle to do every time you want to try out a new flavour, but it’s a fool-proof way that lets your juice taste as good as new. 


Cleaning Your Tank

In that regard, to clean your vape tank, you first have to unscrew it from the e-cig and pour out any remaining juice. Put just a tiny drop of dish soap inside and rinse it with hot water to help break up the oils and residue inside the tank. Rinse well and wipe it thoroughly with a towel before leaving it to dry for at least five minutes. Take note that you will only need to wash the glass part of the tank, so you will also need to separate the components and wipe off any juice left in the base of the tank.


Coil and Wick Cleaning

Your coil will be a hotspot for accumulated traces of juice, especially since it is essentially where the juice gets burned and turned into vapour. If you ultimately want to refresh your palette, changing your coils is a must. 

After setting up your new coil, prime it by waiting at least five minutes before trying out the new flavour to let the cotton wick become saturated with the juice, resulting in a tastier smoke. Do keep in mind that if you are using RDA or RBA with a custom coil build, you will only need to change your cotton wick.

Only Fill Up Your Tank As Much As Necessary

If it’s hard for you to commit to a flavour, it’s best to avoid filling up your tank up to its limit since you may want to change it half-way through. In that regard, fill it up with enough juice to reach your coils or wicks and build upon the juice only if you feel it’s necessary.

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