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Our Guide to Juul Pods, Chargers, Batteries & More - What to Know

Since its launch in 2016, Juul pods have skyrocketed to being one of the most in-demand e-cigarettes on the market. It amassed a cult following through the years, making up most of the young adults within the vaping community. 

Unlike other e-cigarettes, Juul pods have no settings, which means it caters to vapers who are either starting or have no interest in modifying their device. It is also one of the safest options as it is less likely to explode due to its built-in special temperature-regulation technology.

Charging Juul Pods

Juul pods are relatively budget-friendly, which is why many people find it easily accessible. All pods come with a regular charger, which often takes time and can be easy to misplace. For that reason, many vapers are seeking fast-charging solutions, which is why the demand for charging cables rises as it promises to speed up the process. 

Another benefit of opting for charging cables is that it allows you to bring your device anywhere you go, which is unlike the non-pass-thru device of regular Juul chargers. This flexibility enables vape fans to charge their Juul pods in your pocket when you’re not taking hits, ensuring the battery’s up and running all day long. 

Many vape shops - be it online or brick-and-mortar - allow you to place separate order of charging cables for your fast-charging needs. 

What to Know About Juul Batteries

Juul devices are not complicated in nature as there are only two primary parts - the e-cigarette, which contains the battery and temperature regulation system. The next is the pod, which holds the e-liquid with a rainbow of different flavours to choose from. 

The battery life of a Juul is rather short-lived, lasting only for a day or 200 puffs when it is fully charged. The good news is that it will only take an hour before it goes green again, which is a signal that you’re ready to take your Juul pod for another hit. Additionally, the built-in smart-charge technology makes it excellent for casual vapers as it reduces risks by minimizing overcharging tendencies. 

Where to Buy Juul Chargers

All Juul products automatically come in a full package containing the e-cigarette, charger, and some extra pods. Juul chargers tend to be an inch long with a USB port allowing you to plug it anywhere for an easy on-the-go charge easily. On that note, a typical Juul charger uses magnetic charging devices, but many are leaning towards wired options as it offers a friendlier price.

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason why Juul pods are rising in fame, and with its cult following, it’s no surprise to see it under the limelight for a long period. It’s a small, simple, vape pen that is friendly to introduce to beginners, all while being an effective alternative to smoking tobacco. For vapers who want to keep their experience simple and be free of all the complicated modifications, Juul pods are the way to go. 

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