How Wattage Affects the Vape and Vaping Experience -

How Wattage Affects the Vape and Vaping Experience

While there are certainly plenty of vapers worldwide, not many realise that they can enhance their vaping experience by adjusting their wattage. We do not blame them either, as not all devices support this. For instance, disposables do not come with the ability to change the wattage manually. Even if they do come with an adjustable wattage, they have fewer power settings.

That being said, how does wattage affect the vaping experience? Well, many who have tried it say that it is an eye-opening experience. It has allowed them to experience vaping on a whole new level, and for those who tried it, they cannot go back to their non-adjustable vaping ways.

With that in mind, if you are interested to learn more about how wattage affects the vaping experience, keep reading: 

What is wattage?

Before we get into who wattage vapers and the vaping experience, we must first understand what wattage is. Simply put, wattage is the amount of power the coil receives from the battery. In other words, the higher the wattage, the more heat in the coil. 

Depending on the device, you can set wattages differently. Some have a fixed wattage, while others will come in pre-made settings. Finally, others will give you full wattage control with a regulated upper limit. 

How does wattage affect vapes?

Now that you understand what wattage, now it is time to know how it will affect your vape and vaping experience.

One of the first things that will hit you when vaping at higher wattages is that the juice's flavour is much more pronounced and noticeable. This is generally the case with sweet e-juice flavours. Lower wattages, on the other hand, will help menthol flavours perform at their best. In essence, vaping at the right wattage will enhance the experience and is something you can do on devices that allow customisation. When it comes to vapour, the higher the wattage, the thicker the plume!

Keep in mind that, through all of this, you must be careful with selecting the wattage. Different coils support different wattages. Going too high or too low will negatively affect the experience. 

What is the best wattage setting?

There is no "best" setting for vaping. It all falls to your preferences. However, we must implore that you check the coils for the wattages the manufacturers recommend. Otherwise, going too high will burn the coils, or going too low will simply cause the coil to underperform. 

In most cases, you want to start at the lowest and slowly move up without passing the maximum. By slowly going up, you can feel the change in the vaping experience and find the right wattage that you love best. Of course, if you are dissatisfied in any way, you can always opt for a coil that may offer you what you are looking for.


All in all, adjustable wattages allow you to maximise your vaping experience. This means that if you sought a flavourful and cloud-filled vaping experience, pick a device that supports adjustable wattages. Keep in mind, however, to only purchase devices from reputable manufacturers and distributors. This guarantees that the device you use is safe and is guaranteed to offer a good experience. Working with shoddy devices will not only risk hurting the experience but can lead to severe accidents!

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