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Ways to Take Care of Your Vape Mod and Keep It in Good Condition

Owning a vape mod involves taking good care of your device so that you can continue using it for as long as you please. If you don’t have the latest model that features shock-resistant or water-resistant qualities, then your vape is probably at a higher risk of becoming damaged. 

You never know when accidents will happen that will involve dropping your vape and breaking it to the point that it becomes irreparable. Similar to how you watch over your mobile phones, you should also keep your vape intact because of how fragile the device is! A vape that comes into contact with water or undergoes a sudden impact involving hard surfaces has little to no chance of surviving. That’s why it’s crucial to always be mindful of how you care for your device!

Keep reading below to find out how to maintain your vape to help maximise your experience.    

Always Clean Your Vape Kit

Each time you use your vape, you want to guarantee you have an enjoyable time, tasting the flavour of your e-juice with each session. One way to elevate the experience is to eliminate the buildup in your vape mod and practice keeping it clean and in good condition.

Each week, it will help to disassemble your device, including throwing out any remnants of e-liquid, and sanitise your vape tank and its parts using rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. Remember that before you put your mod back together, you should double-check if all the pieces are completely dry first.  

Protect Your Vape When Travelling

You shouldn’t just keep a watchful eye on your vape only when you’re using it. Instead, you should also learn how to manage and maintain it when travelling to other places. Before you even decide to bring your e-cigarette with you, make sure to check with your chosen airline if they allow vape devices onboard the plane.

Besides being familiar with the regulations, learn how to pack your device correctly. Although you recently bought a shock-proof or water-proof case to secure your vape, you will still need to wrap it with more protection to ensure that it doesn’t spill, get dropped, or just simply breaks.

Put Away Your E-Juice Correctly

If you didn’t know, every time your vape mod picks up hot temperatures, it can negatively impact the flavour of your e-juice. As a result, the situation ends up changing its colour, taste, and nicotine levels.

You can prevent the temperature conditions from affecting your vape’s e-liquid by storing your device in a cool and dry location that’s away from direct sunlight or the warm glare of indoor light. You can try keeping your vape in the refrigerator to guarantee its safety. 

Consider Using a Vape Case

For those who constantly reach out to their vape during random times of the day to the point that it’s become part of your routine, you have to take extra care of your mod. If you live an active lifestyle and you find time to go outdoors, and you tend to bring your vape, the more reasons for you to try your best not to break your device.

One essential way to help you maintain your vape’s excellent condition is to use a reliable case that offers shock-proof and water-proof features. Keep in mind that you will need to remove your case each time you plan to use it. While that can be time-consuming, it’s better than damaging your vape and rendering your device useless!


The next time you browse an online vape shop and look for a mod or other accessories to complete your setup, you should purchase items that will improve your vape experience. If you want to continue using your device for the years to come, you should learn to clean it, protect it, and store it accordingly, including using a case to keep it safe and away from harm.   


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