In a Sticky Mess: Here's What to Do When E-Liquid Spills in Your Mouth -

In a Sticky Mess: Here's What to Do When E-Liquid Spills in Your Mouth

Beginners and veteran vapers alike have a colorful selection of e-liquids that are the go-to for cloud chasing. However, no matter how much of a perennial favorite a certain flavor is, nothing is more frustrating than your vape spitting the juice back in your mouth. This describes a “spitback,” which is when excess e-juice bursts from the coil and burning sickly sweet liquid in the vaper’s tongue.

It’s often an uncomfortable scenario, especially when both the nicotine and flavors pack a strong punch in an unappealing combination. If you’re tired from experiencing spitbacks and avoid wasting precious juice, then the tips below should help keep the menace at bay.

Tip #1: Increase Your Vape’s Wattage

One of the common culprits behind spitbacks is a simple issue of underpowering your coil. The device needs more time and heat to vaporize the juice off the prime from your coil and its cotton, so hitting it in a rush can eventually flood the coil. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by spiking up the wattage in between puffs until the excess juice is properly burned off.

Tip #2: Avoid Overpriming the Coil

Another reason behind the spitbacks is when vapers tend to get over excited at priming a new coil. A few drops of juice are enough to saturate the wicking material before using it, which should effectively keep your coils from overheating.

While soaking the material will surely throw the risks of burning out of the window, it can result in an opposite problem, which is flooding your coils. With that in mind, the best way to address the issue is to prime the coils properly, fill the tank with your favorite e-liquid, and let the tank rest for about 15 minutes or so to let it settle.

Tip #3: Check for Damages in Your O-Rings or Tank

If you’re confident about the wattage and have let the tank absorb the e-liquid properly but still experience flooding, then there may be underlying complications with your device’s components. Most of the time, flooding is due to missing or pinched o-rings, so checking for any damages with your parts should help you see whether you need to fix or replace the o-rings.

Tip #4: Don’t Let Your Tank Sit Sideways

Vape tanks should always be sitting up as letting the device fall to its site for long periods can lead to your tank leaking to its sides as the juices flood through the cotton. Not only will this lead to a sticky mess as the juice coats your fingers, but it can come back with a spitback attack if you continue to vape it.

The Bottom Line: Dealing and Fixing Spitbacks with Your Vape

Sucking on a mouth full of raw e-liquid can be uncomfortable and downright irritating, especially if it burns your tongue and leaves a lingering taste in your mouth. Spitbacks are a normal, albeit frustrating occurrence, but you can easily fix the recurring issue with the easy-to-follow tips above for beginners!

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