Keeping It Safe: How to Properly Store Your E-Cigarettes -

Keeping It Safe: How to Properly Store Your E-Cigarettes

As a frequent user of the vape and e-cigarettes, the biggest joy of using it could perhaps come in the form of its compactness. As small and entirely portable, vaping has never been easier. Gone are the days of walking around with cigarettes and lighters on your bags and pockets, which can be quite a hassle. You either lose sticks due to constantly being on the move, ending up with mushed up and broken sticks or you end up losing your lighter altogether

Either way, technology has definitely been kind to the world of smokers. With great power comes great responsibility, however, and even something as small as your e-cigarette needs to be treated well. To ensure that it lasts, proper maintenance and storage are necessary—here’s how:

1 - Keep it safe from water

As with most electronic devices, your e-cigarette will short circuit once doused with water. You need to tread carefully when near water, especially during parties where pools may be present. Water damage can also come in the form of humility.

High levels of it can affect your device’s battery life, as moisture trapped inside can impede its overall functions. With that in mind, make sure that you store it in a dry place, to ensure that its internal structures remain intact.

2 - Do not expose it to direct sunlight

Seeing as your e-cigarette uses electricity and heat, it’s only logical to deduce that too much exposure to the sun can cause it to overheat. Once this happens, the battery life will be compromised, rendering your device unable to charge properly.

If you’re travelling with your e-cigarette during peak sun hours, ensure that you have somewhere to keep it safe and tucked away, especially when not in use.

3 - Invest in a case or lanyard for your device

The dawn of the e-cigarette world has certainly saved many from the clutches of traditional cigarettes, but even that influence cannot save them from the crashing power of gravity. Once you accidentally drop your device, you can damage it beyond repair.

Losing it may also be a problem, so it’s best to keep it around your neck through the use of a lanyard. A case will also help protect it from sudden and unwanted damage—seeing as it’s helped you move on from the trap of addictive cigarettes, it’s best to invest in your device.

4 - Never keep them in your trousers

You may enjoy walking around with no bags to hold your essentials—just pockets. While the process may be incredibly convenient and freeing, relying on your trousers as a means to house your e-cigarette is a mistake.

They’re essentially like assassins, as one wrong move can quickly snap your device in two. With so much juice still left, you’ll also likely be dealing with a stain—so unless you’re wearing baggy sweats, it’s best to avoid your pockets.

The Bottom Line

Easy, convenient, and highly enjoyable, your e-cigarettes also deserve some love and care. Proper maintenance and storage may seem like too much work for one small device, but taking care of it simply starts with fostering good habits. By falling into a routine of proper care and storage, you’ll be prolonging your device’s life.

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