Is It Safe to Bring a Vape Kit When Travelling by Air? -

Is It Safe to Bring a Vape Kit When Travelling by Air?

Vapers are far from being an uncommon presence in airlines as airport and airline staff has dealt with these individuals and their products for the past decade. Several rules have also been added to accommodate the necessary safety guidelines included in every airline’s policies.

There are various precautions and rules that vapers need to take note of when it comes to packing their vaping essentials for a flight. Being left unaware of these regulations can be grounds for confiscation for your kit at best, to ejection from the airport at worst.

“What’s the ruling on just bringing cartridges?”

Marijuana products are illegal in most countries, which make all its different shapes and forms from oil, edibles, and cartridges as contraband. The restrictions on CBD are lighter, but it’s still a gamble to bring them with you on a flight. Generally, cannabis products like THC oil cartridges cannot be brought onboard a plane for a majority of airlines in different nations.

The US Transportation Security Administration’s response to the legalisation of hemp production through the 2018 Farm Bill has made no significant difference in the protection of consumers who possess hemp products on flights. In line with this, various local and international policies have barely budged when it comes to being lenient with THC and CBD products on their airlines, as it can still be considered as contrabands. For this reason, you should avoid bringing THC and CBD products altogether when travelling by air.

“How can I bring my vape kits on a flight?”

One loophole to the case of bringing vape products with you on airlines is that empty vape pens and dry herb vaporisers are clear for air travel. This is possible as long as there are no more traces of cannabis residue on your products. You will need to use Isopropyl alcohol to thoroughly scrub your vape kits and paraphernalia to make sure that drug-sniffing dogs won’t mistake you for smuggling in contraband.

Many people travel with e-cigs on aeroplanes, so you don’t have to feel nervous about bringing your kits. Airport security may be quick to question the possession of your pod vapes or coil-building kit, but you should act calmly in explaining why and what these items are for.

“Is vaping on airports and aeroplanes allowed?”

Smoking lounges in airlines are a haven for both smokers and vapers, as it’s one of the few places that you’re allowed to use your vape at the airport. If there is no designated smoking lounge available, you should avoid vaping while you’re around the airline’s premises.

Vaping on aeroplanes is still not acceptable in any nation. Although you can bring a JUUL with your carry-on baggage, you will face penalties if you vape it during the flight, such as a considerable fine or even jail charges once you land on your destination.


Vapers are slowly becoming accepted in modern culture. However, it’s important to note that some industries, such as airline services, will need time to adapt to these trends. The best way to approach these difficulties in air travel is by being familiar with the dos and don’ts of using and packing your vape kits with you, depending on the airline you’ve decided to use.

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