Is It Safe to Vape Around Your Kids? - What to Know -

Is It Safe to Vape Around Your Kids? - What to Know

If you’ve been a parent for some time now, then chances are that you’ve grown familiar with the common golden rule of not smoking around kids.

Cigarettes, similar to drinks and drugs, are not advised to have and be used around children because not only does it set a bad example, but it also puts their health at risk given the dangers of second-hand smoking. Thanks to scientific research, parents—both expecting and current ones—now know that the effect of lighting a “cancer stick” is one that must be absolutely avoided at all costs.

So, while it may be obvious that cigarettes shouldn’t be enjoyed around any kid, there’s one question that’s been going around lately: "Is it safe to vape around my kids?"

Clearing up the rumours and debunking the myths

Amidst all the fear surrounding vaping and how it’s “just as bad as cigarettes because it hurts the lung," parents have become much more conscious about whether or not their hits can also affect the health of their kids. Without the right information taken into mind, vaping can easily seem as bad as smoking when it comes to enjoying your new mod or tank around the children.

The truth is that you don’t have to weigh between vaping the juices that you love or over-protecting your little one. Here’s why:

The composition of e-juices and vape vapours

Because they’re alternatively known as “e-cigarettes," vaping carries a bit of negative stigma when it comes to kids and the health of their little lungs. As opposed to its prehistoric, outdated, and harmful counterpart, however, vapes don’t necessarily carry the same effects as second-hand smoking when it comes to the by-product of consumption.

With regards to composition, in particular, the vapours that come from an e-cigarette contain propylene glycol (PG), food flavourings, nicotine, and vegetable glycerine (VG). Each of these ingredients has no components whatsoever that may result in compromising the health of a child even during regular or controlled vape sessions.

Today, every vape juice manufacturer is strictly monitored by responsible governing bodies through the use of mandatory and standardised testing in fulfilment of the Tobacco Product Directive. Through the use of testing, every bottle of e-juice sold in the UK—such as every product in the V8PR stocklist—is guaranteed to be free of harmful components that may impact the health of anyone exposed to the vapour.

What the science says

In a study named “Comparison of Select Analytes In Aerosol From E-Cigarettes With Smoke From Conventional Cigarettes and With Ambient Air," researchers and scientists were able to further understand the effects of e-juices.

According to the research, scientists were able to discover that the vapour produced by vaping had the same levels of harmful substances that were found in regular air, making it as clean as the air you breathe. Additionally, no significant or potentially-harmful substances were found in the vapour of any e-cigarette that used vape juice.


Much to any parents satisfaction and relief, vaping around kids isn’t remotely as harmful as second-hand smoke from cigarettes, making it quite safe to enjoy your vape kit as you’d like. For the benefit of your little ones, however, it would be best to cut down on the use of your vape so that they don’t end up inhaling much more flavoured and fragrant vapour more than they should!

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