Vaping and the Environment: Is Vaping Eco Friendly? -

Vaping and the Environment: Is Vaping Eco Friendly?

The invention of the vape has given a lot of convenience and extra options for those who smoke. A vape shop can provide wider options in nicotine levels and flavours. And you never have to buy lighters or let others inhale secondhand smoke.

While vaping has been good for many smokers, this begs the question: is it bad for the environment? We will weigh in on its eco-friendliness and its potential effects on the environment.

Cigarettes Versus Vapes

The most obvious difference between vapes and cigarettes is the actual ejuice clouds. Vape clouds are much safer than secondhand smoke from cigarettes, which is a leading cause of cancer. As far as the use of high-level nicotine vapes, secondhand smoke isn’t linked to any adverse effects.

Cigarettes and their secondhand smoke continue to lead the cancer trail. Both of its elements are highly carcinogenic and are extreme pollutants. The leftover cigarette butts are also highly toxic.

All the carcinogens are concentrated in the filters and leave toxic traces where they’re thrown away. If they hit soil or water, they spread out the toxins even more. With cigarettes, both the medium and its aftereffects have bad effects on our environments. And let’s not forget the excessive paper consumption of cigarettes, from the rolls themselves to the packaging.

What About Vapes?

Looking at how vapes operate and their aftereffects, there haven’t been any correlated links of its smoke to the environment. Since vapes do not have after-products, like butts, it doesn’t spread any toxins in our environment either. 

No matter how many vape mods are tweaked and created, you’ll never see any harmful after-products in the bin. It doesn’t use lighters and kerosene, the latter of which are also harmful to the environment, even in just small amounts.

The biggest argument of its environmental effect will undoubtedly be from the rubbish it produces even bigger 50ml bottles for base ejuice and more of the smaller 10ml bottles today.

Responsible Vaping Practices

How can you be a more environment-friendly vaper? You can start off by responsibly disposing of plastic bottles in the proper recycling bins. Others recycle them in creative ways, while others reuse them until it’s time to throw or recycle them.

As for vape parts such as busted batteries, coils, and even the used cotton for mods and older models, they are just as easy to dispose of the right way. Vaping is supposed to be less impactful on the environment, and with the proper practices, it will remain so.

Final Notes

Vapes are much safer than cigarettes in so many ways. They were supposed to be created to provide a safer smoking experience from the materials, right down to its aftereffects. Many former cigarette smokers switch to vapes to quit. However, rubbish produced in vaping must be treated like any other waste by disposing of them correctly.

V8PR urges you to be more responsible with your vaping habit. Our online vape shop in the UK carries many environmentally safe products you can buy, but we always recommend practising responsible waste disposal. Visit our site today for more high-quality vape products.