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A Cheat Sheet for Pairing Vape Juice Flavours with Alcohol

Vaping has a wide range of advantages over smoking that make it such an enthralling experience to invest in. For anyone that aims to leave behind a life of nicotine, bad cardio, and health risks, it’s clear that making the switch to mods, attys, and e-juices is the best decision they can make. And as you continue to take more puffs, you will crave cigarettes much less than you used to, which is undoubtedly a great thing if you want to have fun and stay healthy.

At this point, you’re probably convinced that vaping does everything better. However, this particular development isn’t infallible because while vaping is good for your health, it doesn’t quite pair with alcohol as well as cigarettes do. Right? 

A Quick Guide to Pairing E-juice Flavours and Drinks

Like food, vape juice flavours can be paired with drinks thanks to their flexible taste profiles. Understandably, this may sound like new knowledge to you since you’ve probably never seen vaping in that light. The great news is that there will always be a perfect match for any drink!

If you’re fancying a drink and want to load up your tank or pod with the right kind of juice from V8PR’s extensive range of options, here’s a cheat sheet for pairings that you can use: 


Are you the type of person with nice, dark stouts as your drink of choice? Well, there’s a perfect set of flavours that will complement your choice quite nicely.

The average stout’s profile features the perfect balance of deep, rich, and strong flavours that leave room for an amazing combination. To best complement this type of adult drink, you’ll need to get a bottle that either has chocolate- (the darker, the better) or tobacco-infused flavours as these help accentuate the tastes of a rich, nutty brew.

(Pro-tip: This same combination also applies to darker drinks like whisky and dark rum!)

Red and White Wine

When paired correctly, vape juice flavours can absolutely elevate the experience you have with wine, regardless if you’re a red or white kind of person.

For white wine, you’re dealing with fruitier notes that are characteristic of this kind of alcohol, which means that you’ll need to go for e-liquids that have a sharp hint of citrus to them. Contrarily, red wine—much like stout beer—best flourishes when paired with earthier tones such as tobacco or light chocolate that will work in harmony with stronger notes.


Here’s a fun fact about pairing e-juice flavours with vodka: regardless of what you’re vaping, it’s most definitely going to pair amazingly well with this drink.

As long as you’ve got a pure, unflavoured liquor on the rocks, you’re dealing with a blank canvas, which means you can pair it with anything. This “anything goes” approach is largely appropriate because the drink in question doesn’t have any strong significant notes that you need to be careful with.


Like any other smokable, vapes make great accompaniments to liquor—the only difference is that there are so many more possibilities to explore with the help of a vape and the right bottle of e-juice. Once you start curating your selections, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite alcoholic beverages even more!

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