How to Lower Your Vape Juice Consumption Rate and Save Money -

How to Lower Your Vape Juice Consumption Rate and Save Money

If you are using a sub-ohm vaping device, you might notice just how quickly you burn through your juices. This, unfortunately, is the norm for many. Due to the design and how it works, it eats up juice quickly, forcing vapers to invest in more to ensure they do not run out at the worst time possible. Of course, the real worry is more about whether or not you are getting enough nicotine out of your juice. If you already are, you can rest easy knowing you are doing it right.

However, the question of vape juice consumption may still remain, particularly if you feel you are using too much of it. Let us answer that question today:

How do I know if I am using too much vape juice?

It is particularly tough to use "too much" vape juice because people automatically limit themselves to the amount needed to satisfy their bodies. However, there are other considerations related to its consumption. For example, if you find your purchases escalating to high costs, you might want to reduce the amount. 

Another factor could be the coils on your vape. If you have noticed the coils gunking up too quickly, it is the frequency and type of vape juice that may be responsible. The more you vape sweet juices, the more often you will need to replace the juice. Of course, you can easily fix this by choosing less sweet juices, but you can also help yourself by reducing the amount of juice you use.

How do I reduce the amount of vape juice I use?

If you are looking to cut back on your vape juice consumption, you can do a few things. 

First, you can use a vape device that has a built-in puff counter. As the name implies, it counts how many times you take a drag. You can use this to track how many puffs you make a day; then, you can set a goal to puff less the next day. 

The second thing you can do is increase the nicotine level of your e-liquid. That way, you can enjoy the nicotine high without puffing too often. Paired with a lower-powered vape device, you can reduce your puff rates significantly and reduce your vape juice usage.


There are plenty of other ways to reduce your vape juice usage, and if you believe that you are using too much, experimenting with the different methods can help find a strategy that works well. That said, know that this is no easy process. 

You might be successful for the first few days, but over time, you might find it tough to keep up. As such, motivating yourself to reduce vape juice consumption by setting goals and rewards is an excellent way to maintain progress! In the long run, you can save plenty of money.

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