Are You Dealing with a Leaky Tank? These 3 Tips Can Help -

Are You Dealing with a Leaky Tank? These 3 Tips Can Help

With vaping becoming a critical part of your daily routine, you’ve most likely been enjoying your device so much to the point where it seems like it’s something that you can’t live without.

From the moment you get your first vape and take your first few hits with it, you’re essentially attached to the hip with it as it’s there for the good and bad days. As you continue to grow more familiar with your device and understand its capabilities, you’ll eventually get to that point where you’ll begin to experience a few problems with it.

Whether it’s the weird taste of burnt hits that you occasionally get or inconsistent wattages that cause too strong or weak puffs, the different problems you’ll run into are nearly endless. Out of all the different issues that your puff device can bear as you put it through its paces, none seem as inconvenient or potentially troublesome as a leaking tank.

A common problem with vape tanks

Known by many vapers as the bane of any vaping experience, leaking tanks are a problem that has been around for as long as the standard tank system set-up has been manufactured and sold. 

Although today’s tank options promise convenient experiences, easier maintenance work, and quicker refilling, the fact is that they haven’t fully eradicated the problem of leaking. However, this same problem can snowball into worse problems because of the various issues it can cause for vapers, such as: 

  • Messy pockets filled with warm, sticky e-liquids
  • Damaged items in bags or other spaces where a vape is stored in
  • Contamination or an over-exposure of stored vape juice to oxygen
  • Damages in vaping parts, circuitry, or ports (such as corrosion)

How do you fix your leaking vape tank?

When it comes to remedying vape tank leaks, it’s important to understand that the end goal that you should strive for is to have a tank that is assembled properly and has no faulty parts. This same end goal sheds light on what you need to do (or mostly of what you should do, rather) so that you can remedy the problem at hand with ease.

If you are dealing with a leaking vape tank that is hampering your vaping experiences and leaving you with troubles that you don’t want, here are some solutions that can help: 

Tip #1: Reassemble your tank’s gaskets

The first solution that works for remedying the problem of leaking tanks is a full gasket inspection and reassembly. Generally, a take-apart-and-reassemble is a viable solution because vape tanks typically leak due to assembly issues (such as crossed threads or cracked walls) and worn silicone components. Through this simple tip, you’ll be able to easily spot the culprit of your current vaping issue and figure out the specific parts you need to repair or replace! 

Tip #2: Change your juice’s VG/PG ratio

One surprising reason vape tanks end up experiencing leaks in the first place is that they are filled with juices that have VG/PG ratios that aren’t suited to their systems.

You see, e-liquids containing more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin are very thin, and thin e-liquids may not work well with modern vape tanks since they can easily seep through the cracks and cause leaks. The best way to solve this problem is simply opting for a bottle of juice that has more vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol so that you fill your tank with the right consistency! 

Tip #3: Get a new tank

At the end of your tank’s life, it will begin to leak continuously even after remedying the common issues that cause it to do so, meaning that the only thing that you can do is get a new one. If the tips mentioned don’t work in restoring your vape’s control over its juice storage, then take this as a sign to visit V8PR’s store and order a replacement ASAP! 


Dealing with a leaky vape tank is never an easy experience because of how troublesome it can be when you don’t get to remedy it right away. Through the help of the three key tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that you handle the problem in question much more effectively and prevent any further leaks in the long run! 

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