Tips to Help You Make Your Vape Juice Taste Better

People who vape usually enjoy huffing and puffing their prefered flavour, feeling contented with the type of vape juice and equipment at their disposal. For the most part, they have no regrets because, as mentioned, they were able to choose their preferred taste right off the bat. However, there may still be something that they can do to make their vape juice taste even better.

If it is just your first time hearing about this and you want to learn more about it as well. Look no further than our helpful tips below.

1. Store the Vape Juice Properly

To get the best out of your vape juice, be sure to store it in a cool and dark place. Ideally, you should keep it in its original bottle and in a bag to maintain the quality of the ingredients. If you have an e-juice that comes in a bottle, you may have a tough time using it, especially if you are using a top-notch rig. So, be sure to transfer it to a tank or drip it on your coil.

Out of the two, the former is a better choice because it is easier to maintain and clean than tanks. It is also sturdier and less prone to breaking.

2. Age It Well in Its Storage Spot

Believe it or not, some prefer to age their vape juice to improve its flavour. Think of it as a similar method to ageing wine. This process is also called steeping amongst vaping enthusiasts. In a similar way, wine is also stored in a cool, dark place, the same conditions required for this process.

How long you age your vape juice really depends on how you want the flavour to turn out. However, one thing that you should remember is that you do not want to age it for too long.

3. Don’t Heat it Up

When you use a high-powered mod for your vaping sessions, the first thing that you should do is avoid heating up the vape juice inside of your coil. Ensure it is not too hot, or else it can burn and alter the flavour of your vape juices.

It is also best to keep vaping juices in a tank instead of on a coil. That way, you can avoid over-heating it and compromising its flavour. But if you still want to use a coil with your juice, ensure you wait for a second before inhaling.

4. Clean Your Vape

Vaping, like any other hobby, requires proper maintenance. To ensure the best vaping experience, you should clean your vape regularly. This is not just to clean your vape juices better; it is also to ensure the other substances in your mod do not influence your vaping experience. You can try setting up a cleaning routine so you can follow it closely.

A quick brush down and some wiping are enough to keep your mods working smoothly. However, if your device is too fragile, you may also want to consider using a Q-tip to clean out your coil.

5. Use the Right Equipment

Have you ever thought of using the right equipment to make your vape juice taste better? For example, if you are using a low-powered vape mod, we recommend using low-VG juices for the best results. If you are using a high-powered mod, you can opt for high-VG juices so you can enjoy the best vaping experience.


In a nutshell, it is important that you take care of your vape juice by following the tips mentioned above. You can even ask an experienced member of the vaping community to help you out with your vaping adventures.

So as long as you take note of our pointers, you will never have a disappointing experience with your vape again.

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