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5 Easy Methods to Improve the First-Time Vaping Experience

Choosing vaping over smoking comes with a lot of perks. However, using the method for the first time can come with many mistakes. But there are many ways first-time users can maximise and enjoy their first vaping experience through a couple of tips and techniques. Before hitting an online vape shop to buy a vaping kit for the first time, here are some easy methods to try to improve a newbie’s first-time vaping experience.

1. Find a Good Place to Vape

Like any other addiction, vapes have a powerful and pungent odour. Therefore, it’s best to use the habit in a place where you won’t offend or bother other people with the smell. Finding a place to smoke outdoors has become more accessible in the past years due to multiple smoking areas established in the city. But for people vaping at home, staying inside a room should prevent other family members from getting bothered by the vapour produced by the vaping kit.

2. Clean the Smoking Device

When there’s no more tobacco left on the e-cigarette, people usually might just toss the vaporiser into the garbage bin. But first-time vaping should never be done with a dirty or not-so-clean smoking device. A dirty vaporiser will leave the user with a bad taste in their mouth, not to mention the potential spread of germs due to the device’s accumulation of dirt and grime.

3. Pick the Most Suitable Vape Juice Concentration

The level of nicotine in the e-juice and the flavour of the liquid should cater to the vapers’ preference. By choosing the most popular e-juices in the country, first-time users can get a lot of information on which one’s the best for starters. The flavour of the juice and the nicotine level should cater to the vapers’ preference.

4. Make Sure Your Vape Kit is Ready

Of course, the first step to any vaping experience is to make sure that your vaping kit is ready to use. Owning a vaping kit is not enough; you also need to be familiar with its working parts. Vaping kits come with many features, making it difficult for first-time users who are unfamiliar with them.

A vape kit may look complicated at first, but it is pretty straightforward once you know what all the parts are for and how to use them. So, familiarising yourself with your vaping kit and its components is, again, very important. Knowing how all the other parts work will also let you know what to do when repairing the kit.

5. Understand the Nicotine Level of Your Vape Kit

Understanding the nicotine level of your vaping kit is another essential piece of equipment to remember when using the device. The nicotine levels of vaping kits vary, so first-time users must know what to expect. Experienced vapers might know the nicotine level they need, but other newbies might not. Each nicotine level comes with a different taste, making it crucial for the user to know what to expect.


For a first-time user, vaping can significantly change the usual smoking habit. But with a lot of practice, anyone can become an expert at vaping. However, these are some essential things a newbie should remember to have a better vaping experience.

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