Mint vs. Menthol: What Are Their Main Differences? -

Mint vs. Menthol: What Are Their Main Differences?

In the world of vaping, e-juices hold a high place on the experience charts because of the amount of influence they bear in terms of how satisfactory a smoke session is. 

Whether you enjoy using pods or are a hardcore tank-atty user, the type of liquid that you smoke plays a key role in establishing just how enjoyable each hit you take gets. Over time, you’ll quickly realise that much of what you look forward to whenever you take a hit will be because of the flavours that you taste! 

Although you’ve probably spent most of your vaping journey moving through bottles of vape juice as you configure the perfect experience, the chances are that the two tastes that stand out the most are mint and menthol. However, the problem is that you probably don’t even know about them well enough to fully appreciate them as separate options, meaning that there’s a whole lot to learn about. 

Wait, there’s a difference?

Yes, mint and menthol are two completely different e-liquid flavours that aren’t as similar as you always expected.

When you look at both flavours in further detail, you’ll quickly notice that they possess unique properties across a variety of factors, which make these two top-selling e-liquid options well worth exploring. Sure, you might think that they can be the same because menthol comes from mint, but each option is guaranteed to affect your vaping experience in completely different ways, making it essential to distinguish between both of them.

Telling the two apart

If you want to fine-tune your vaping sessions in the best way possible, then it’s important to be especially mindful of the differences between mint and menthol as they can give you a good or perfect experience. To help ensure that you enjoy each hit better with a greater level of knowledge, let’s go over both flavours in greater detail:


Mint is a family of plants that grow in the form of herbs that are frequently used for culinary applications and other products, such as essential oils, that are used for various purposes.
Contrary to popular belief, this plant is not just limited to one type of flavour as it is diverse, thanks to the fact that even plants like lavender, peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen are classified as mints. Often, mint stands out as a great primary e-juice ingredient because it gives vaping a unique flavour that balances out the richness, bitterness, sweetness, and tartness, usually associated with vaping aftertastes. 

In terms of coolness, mint has a fainter taste of “iciness” with each hit when used as a vape juice component as there are other components of the plant which give a bottle of e-juice an actual minty taste!


Compared to mint, menthol is a compound that is found within it, which has a less diverse range of properties but has a distinguishable taste and experience. 

Often, this ingredient is extracted and used as a primary flavouring component for vape juices because it gives mint its unique coolness. Essentially, it is a sensation that is commonly extracted for other applications such as medicine and beauty products. Compared to mint, menthol gives a stronger feeling of “iciness” because of its ability to provide a cooling sensation when in contact with the mouth. 

When it comes to understanding why menthol e-juice is different, it’s important to know that it doesn’t have a taste in itself because its natural properties don’t have a specific flavour, unlike mint. This is why it is used as an additive component or a feeling-only juice, one example of which is our IVG Just Menthol TPD eJuice


While there are different factors that you should be well aware of when enjoying your vaping experiences, the difference between mint and menthol is especially helpful in terms of fine-tuning your sessions. By taking the time to keep this guide in mind, you’ll be able to ensure that you get to maximise each hit you take with the best option for your needs!

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