Vaping Tech: How Does Size Affect These 3 Vaping Components? -

Vaping Tech: How Does Size Affect These 3 Vaping Components?

Bigger isn’t always better, and it hasn’t been for a long time when it comes to vaping products. Initial models of box mods were bigger than your standard stick of cigarette since they required bulky pieces to use. However, most modern models of vaping devices can fit in your bag or comfortably inside your jacket pockets.

When it comes to purchasing vaping devices, you’ll discover a selection of vaping products that range from compact to heavy-duty models. For years, it was assumed that a vaping device’s output depends on its size. This was a common belief since bulkier forms of smoking like hookahs and water pipes were very large. Today, vaping devices can defeat this traditional belief thanks to modern technology.

Vape Parts are Becoming Smaller and Smaller

Thanks to advancements in technology, phones, and tablets are increasingly becoming smaller while housing more robust processing capability. This innovation also translates to portable vaping systems. Current pod mod models are already more powerful, if not more capable, than older box mods. Besides the device itself, all vaping components are becoming more compact, adapting to the mobile needs of modern vapers.

This article will discuss three vaping components and how they stay effective, even in their small size.

E-liquid Bottles

Vaping devices will be useless without the right e-liquid to satisfy a vaper’s fill. When nicotine salts were first introduced, ejuice bottles had to adjust to match their higher nicotine content. Since vapers could get more puffs even at lower liquid contents, vapers didn’t have to carry large bottles to get the right nicotine high. With nic salts becoming more potent, they’re now sold in smaller bottles without sacrificing the amount of vaping juice a person uses.

Vape Tanks

To contain the optimised amount of ejuice you have, vape tanks are necessary to balance the amount of vapour and flavour you experience. Most variations of vape tanks vary from Pyres to stainless steel to provide a sleek and modern look. Modern models of vape tanks also let you perform side or top filling, with enhanced airflow to prevent leaks and spills. All these features and more are embedded in smaller vape tanks without sacrificing their efficiency.

Vape Coils

Technological advancements don’t just pertain to software improvements and stronger data processing. Developments in material processing and its applications to different products can also enhance older models and designs. With hardware brands using ceramic and mesh as key ingredients in vape coils, its small size has much stronger properties to overcome wear and tear.

Although vape coils are meant to be replaced regularly, that doesn’t mean it’s financially viable to replace them often. These already compact components have considerably longer lifespans with a simple switch of materials to ceramic and mesh. This makes vape coils more durable and less prone to performance issues.


Although size has lesser implications on a vaper’s vaping experience, it shouldn’t stop you if you’re more comfortable with a bulky mod. You should be able to vape to your heart’s content using the build you want. However, you can’t deny the greater accessibility and functional benefits of modern, compact vape parts and devices. Once you try it for yourself, you might not opt for your older box mod and stick with a compact sub-ohm mod instead!

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