Mouth-to-Lung and Direct-to-Lung Vaping: Our Guide -

Mouth-to-Lung and Direct-to-Lung Vaping: Our Guide

Vaping is an experience that will always prove to be much more insightful and detail-filled than anyone ever expects it to be at first glance.

Compared to the olden days, where vaping was merely just a copy of smoking in terms of functionality and purpose, today’s industry is more complex, thanks to the strides it has made. Whether you look at it from the context of parts (such as the wide array available on V8PR’s website) or from the idea of VG/PG principles, the world of smoke puffing is more of a rabbit hole than it is a surface-level interest.

The tale of techniques

If you’ve been vaping for a while now, you’ve most likely dedicated quite some time to tinkering with your set-up and learning more about how to make the most out of it. 

As you continue to shift between set-ups and experiment with your various parts and juices, you’ll quickly realise that the key amazing vape sessions lie in a handful of factors. However, what if we told you that there was more to the perfect vaping experience than the mod-and-atty set-up that you’re using, and that technique plays a key role in the whole experience? This is where mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping comes into the picture!

Why it matters to hone the right technique

At one point or another, you’ve probably heard about mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping in forums, online guides, or comments sections. You might have even heard about MTL and DTL after talking with your vape buddies or the local vape shop owner about how to rip fat clouds without hurting yourself! However, both terms are much more than you might initially expect.

While you might think that your equipment and juice make a difference in how you enjoy your vaping, it’s important to know that technique plays an equally important role in determining your experience. By knowing more about both DTL and MTL vaping, you’ll be able to understand how you can maximise every hit without wasting precious time, servings of juice, or wicks! 

What’s the difference between the two?

Even though they may sound alike at first, mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping are different, and they also cater to different types of vapers who prefer certain experiences. If you’re looking to take your vaping experience to the next level, here’s a quick guide to both techniques in further detail:

Direct-To-Lung Vaping

Direct-to-lung inhaling skips the entire mouth-lingering process and directly pushes the vapour into the lungs. When you practise the DTL style, you’re taking a deep breath with the vapour itself without holding it in your mouth during every puff. 

This way of vaping is very similar to having a breathing exercise where you take a very deep breath, let it linger in your chest area for a bit, and breathe it out after. However, it is worth noting that DTL vaping is more apt for experienced vapers as it can be easy to cough and hurt yourself if you don’t have enough skill to pull it off. 

Mouth-To-Lung Vaping

Mouth-to-lung vaping is a type of inhaling that involves taking vapour through the mouth, maintaining it there for a few seconds, and breathing after it gets right in the lungs. 

With an MTL type of inhaling, you’re essentially getting an intense throat hit that lingers for far longer and can even lead to a stronger nicotine high in the process. If you’re looking to get a stronger effect whenever you vape or conserve a solid bottle of vape juice, it’s best to use an MTL vaping style with a higher PG vape juice for a more powerful experience. 


When you want to elevate your vaping experience, much of the change you’re looking for comes from the technique that you use. Whether you choose mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung vaping, trying both techniques will help establish everything you need to know about having quality hits every time! 

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