How to Find the Right Nicotine Level for You: Our Guide -

How to Find the Right Nicotine Level for You: Our Guide

When you look at a bottle of vape juice, you will likely think about flavour and PG/VG ratios because of the direct effect that they have on your experience. Beyond smoke and flavour profiles (and dynamics), another important factor that you’ll need to be more mindful of when you look into the listed contents of a bottle is the nicotine content. 

The impact of nicotine strength on your vaping experience

Today, the average bottle of vape juice is sold with varying levels of nicotine that correspond to specific preferences of a vaper. 

Commonly available in various options that range from zero nicotine to over 50 mg/mL, each bottle of vape juice comes in various versions that differ based on content while retaining the same flavour. Denoted as “nicotine strengths” that are expressed as percentages instead of concentrations, these specific details stand out because of how much they can impact one’s vaping experience! 

When you take the time to choose the right strength level based on your preferences, it becomes easier to fine-tune the experience that you have right off the bat. This means that you won’t have to keep doing trial-and-error-like efforts that will cause you to have a headache or trigger nicotine withdrawal symptoms just because you didn’t know what to get! 

A basic guide to common levels of nicotine strength (and who they’re perfect for)

While these percentages and figures may seem a little confusing at first, figuring out which nicotine percentage to go with boils down to reading before buying. If you’re thinking about stocking up on vaping essentials from V8PR’s website so that you can have an easier time ditching a smoking habit or avoid fostering a nicotine dependency, here’s a quick guide to keep in mind:

For non-smokers: 0mg/ml or 0 per cent

Zero-per cent vape juices are the best option for casual vapers who want to vape a lot but don’t want to get hooked on nicotine. With this type of vape juice, you can best expect that you’ll have an experience that falls along the lines of being for sake of pure flavour enjoyment—making it a perfect option to take constant hits with. Although these juices may not have a single ounce of nicotine in them, it is still very much enjoyable as it provides the purest flavour possible!

For light or casual smokers (one or three sticks every other day): 3mg/ml or 0.3 per cent

The 0.3 per cent nicotine vape juice is an option that’s best suited for casual or social smokers who are looking to make the switch but don’t want to lose the feeling of a balanced nicotine high. If you constantly strive for a light buzz without the risk of going overboard after a dozen or so hits, then this option is perfect for you because of its minimal nicotine content!  

For regular smokers (half pack a day): 6mg/ml or 0.6 per cent

Commonly available in the UK market, 6 mg/ml nicotine vape juices serve as an optimal starting point for regular smokers who are keen on making the switch from smoking to vaping without going through withdrawal symptoms. When you start using this level of vape juice, you’ll feel a slightly stronger nicotine buzz as you would with half a pack of cigarettes—so make sure you take your time between hits! 

For heavy smokers (two or more packs a day): 24mg/ml or 2.4 per cent

The 2.4 per cent nicotine vape juices are much more apt for those who used to smoke two or more packs a day and want to have the smoothest transitional experience possible. Best known for its strong throat hit, this option makes for an experience that provides chain smokers with a stepping stone towards quitting their strong habit!


When it comes to finding the perfect vape juice for your needs, it’s important to not just look at the flavour and VG/PG ratios but also into the nicotine content. Through this thorough guide’s help, you’ll be able to easily find the best level of vape juice nicotine content that matches your vaping and previous smoking habits! 

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