Nicotine Salts—What They Are and Why They Are So Popular -

Nicotine Salts—What They Are and Why They Are So Popular

When it comes to salts and liquids, nicotine salts have risen quite rapidly in terms of popularity in the vaping world. There are many reasons for this. For some, it is through salts that they can enjoy a higher nicotine count. For others, it is the smoother throat hit that makes it much more enjoyable. That being said, some people still do not understand why nicotine salts exist. They believe that everything that salt can do, vape liquid can also do. If you're in the same situation and want to understand precisely what nicotine salts are all about, you're at the right place.

Today, we will talk about nicotine salts—what they are and why they are popular.

What are nicotine salts?

Before nicotine salts came to existence, people had to work with e-liquids. While e-liquids can contain some nicotine, the nicotine it contains is in its purest form. This is an advantage for some, especially those who want to enjoy nicotine in its natural form. However, because it has not been altered chemically, it can only be included in low dosages. That is because this kind of nicotine is quickly absorbed into the lungs, bringing the harshness at higher levels. This is where nicotine salts come in.

For those who have never worked with nicotine salts before, the high concentration may be worrying. However, you may be surprised to know that the harshness associated with high nicotine concentration on liquids is not the same with nic salts. Rather than the harsh burn, it provides a smooth hit. This is because the nicotine in nic salts is combined with benzoic acids, which creates the salts when combined. In other words, nicotine salt is the combination of nicotine and benzoic acid, similar to those found in cigarettes.

Why are nicotine salts so popular?

After reading the information above, you may be wondering why people do not just smoke a cigarette over a nic salt if they both provide the same, if not similar, experience. That is because, for many of those who moved from cigarettes to vaping, there are many dangers with smoking. Cigarettes contain hundreds of other chemicals that are harmful to the body, whereas nicotine salts do not.

One of the reasons nicotine salts are so popular is that smokers can enjoy nicotine without putting their health at risk. That said, we are not saying vaping nicotine salts is a hundred per cent healthy, but compare that with cigarettes, it is much safer. Plus, it is cheaper than purchasing packs of cigarettes, making nicotine salts a great way to save money.


As you can see, nicotine salts provide vapers with plentiful amounts of nicotine they are used to with cigarettes minus all the dangers of smoking. Pair that with various other advantages such as cost savings, no tobacco smell, access to multiple flavours and more, vaping in and of itself is a great way to enjoy nicotine in a fun and safe way. That said, if you are interested in vaping nic salts, understand that they are a little different compared to freebase nicotine. You will need to consider the mod you are using, ensuring that is suitable for nic salts to provide you with the best experience possible!

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