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What's the Difference Between Menthol and Mint In E-Juices?

Both long-time and new vape users tend to confuse menthol and mint. You might have encountered various menthol and mint-flavoured e-liquids and thought they were the same, but surprisingly, they’re not.

Mint comes from the same family of plants as spearmint, lavender, and peppermint. It is usually used to add flavour to dishes, and it can be used fresh, dried or as flavouring extract. Mint is basically a flavour. On the other hand, menthol is more like a sensation. 

You know the feeling you get when you ingest mint? That cold feeling that passes in your mouth to your throat is the sensation, which is menthol. It doesn’t have flavour at all, and it’s not food. Menthol is extracted from mint leaves, but it’s isolated, which means its flavour has been removed during the process. 

In E-Liquids

Now that you know the difference between mint and menthol, you can now understand why many e-juices come in menthol variations while only a few have mint. It’s easy to find e-liquids with menthol because it doesn’t have any flavour, which means it will not compromise the base flavour it is added to.

Flavours that have menthol in it will be satisfying if you’re after the sensation it provides. On the other hand, if you’re after the minty taste, then you should definitely get minty e-liquid. 

Adding Mint to E-Liquid

If you add mint to any e-liquid, expect the flavour to intensify while giving it a refreshing taste. In the case that it’s a nicotine salt e-juice, the mint will be prominent because the style of vaping intensifies the flavour due to wattage and coil resistance levels. The mint will be more subtle for freebase juices, but it will still be noticeable and enjoyable. 

Adding Menthol to E-Liquid

When you add menthol to e-liquid, it will make the vapour feel cold as it moves from your mouth down to your throat. Adding menthol to a freebase juice can increase the throat hit. However, adding it to a salt nic e-liquid will make the throat hit even stronger, which is part of the reason why salt-based juices are extremely popular. 

Keep in mind that not all mint-flavoured e-juices contain real mint extract, and the same goes for menthol juices. Be cautious of imitation ingredients that contain artificial tastes or flavourings, as they can negatively affect the experience.

They Are Different

Now that you know the difference between mint and menthol, you can make better decisions about the e-juices you purchase. These two ingredients deliver different effects, and you shouldn’t confuse them with each other. Most vapers appreciate both, but it’s not unusual to find mint-flavoured e-liquids without menthol and vice versa. 

Get Quality E-Liquids Today

Whatever you choose between mint and menthol, it’s important to be sure that they’re not artificial. That is why you need to get quality e-liquids from a reputable brand. That way, you can guarantee that you get the best-quality juice that is safe and pleasant for you to consume. 

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