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Our Guide to Finding the Right Nicotine Strength for E-Juice

As a new vaper, chances are that you’ll be exposed to different options and required to make various decisions when piecing your entire rig together. While it may be no secret that every decision you make holds a significant impact on the entire vaping experience, however, there’s one particular inquiry that matters the most: what nicotine strength is best for you?


Why your choice of nicotine strength is important


With a quick look online, you may notice that all the vape juices that pique your interest and seem to match your preferred flavour profile come with their own strength levels. Although it may not seem much at first, the differences in nicotine content can make a huge impact on the way you feel after a few dozen hits and can make a significant difference in how enjoyable the experience can be.


The main reason choosing the right level of nicotine strength for your e-juice is so important is because it can easily make or break the transition from smoking to vaping and keep you on the right path towards dropping the bad habit entirely. Depending on how big of a tolerance you’ve acquired or cultivated over the years, your body’s tendency to crave for nicotine further affects the adequacy of various nicotine strengths.


If you’re opting for vaping as a way to give up smoking entirely but want to make the transition as smooth as possible, here’s every nicotine strength option in the market you should consider:


0mg/ml or 0 per cent

Perfect for: Non-smokers


As the lowest option on the nicotine strength scale, zero-per cent e-liquid is the best option for casual vapers who don’t want to get hooked on nicotine for the sake of pure flavour enjoyment. Although they may not have a single ounce of nicotine in them, zero-per cent nicotine e-liquid is still very much enjoyable as it provides the purest flavour possible.


3mg/ml or 0.3 per cent

Perfect for: Light or casual smokers (one or three sticks every other day)


While it isn’t the strongest option on the market, 0.3 per cent nicotine vape juice is an option that’s best suited for casual or social smokers who are looking to make the switch but don’t want to lose the feeling of a balanced nicotine high. If you constantly strive for a light buzz without the risk of going overboard after a dozen or so hits, then this option is perfect for you.


6mg/ml or 0.6 per cent

Perfect for: regular smokers (half pack a day)


As one of the most popular nicotine levels in the market, 6 mg/ml serves as an optimal starting point for regular smokers who are keen on making the switch from smoking to vaping without having to go through withdrawal symptoms. If you’re a single pack-per-day kind of smoker, however, then it’s much more ideal to go for a 12 mg/ml (or 1.2 percent) option instead to better replicate the experience of smoking a cigarette without the health threats.


24mg/ml or 2.4 per cent

Perfect for: heavy smokers (two or more packs a day)


Generally considered as one of the strongest options on the market (aside from the rare, headache-inducing 36mg/ml option), 2.4 per cent nicotine vape juices are much more apt for those who used to smoke two or more packs a day. Best known by its strong throat hit, the 2.4 per cent nicotine option makes for an experience that provides chain smokers with a stepping stone towards quitting their strong habit.


Final words


Knowing the right level of nicotine strength that best suits your needs and preferences can make a significant difference in the overall vaping experience. Before you purchase a bottle of vape juice, make sure to take this guide into consideration to ensure that you end up picking an option that works best for you!


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