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Our Guide to Vaping Etiquette Indoors in the UK - What to Know

It has been a full decade since the first appearance of e-cigarettes in British stores. The laws regularly update since then, bringing forth new regulations regarding its manufacture, promotion, and usage for connoisseurs and avid vapers in the United Kingdom.


The vaping community is also rising to mainstream popularity as more people view vaping as a modern and healthier alternative to smoking traditional tobacco. While it’s steadily becoming universally accepted, there are vaping policies set in place that you need to follow to maintain the positive reputation of your fellow vapers.


These policies are specially reinforced in public places, but the lines may blur once you enter buildings. This begs the question, what are the laws regarding vaping indoors?


1. Vaping at Airports and In Planes


Similar to the prohibition against tobacco cigarettes, using vape devices is also banned on all flights. While you can fly your vape and other mod parts, smoking it in public or even inside an airport’s toilets can get you in serious trouble.


Nonetheless, different airports follow varying regulations regarding vaping in designated areas. Some support the notion and provide smoking areas where you can easily smoke without many concerns. To that end, be sure to do your homework on vaping laws in your destination so you won’t run into any problems as soon as you land from your flight.


2. Vaping in Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes


Seeing as vaping is a social activity, it’s no surprise how pubs, restaurants, and cafes are more relaxed with vaping regulations. There’s no set prohibition on vaping in establishments, so it’s up to the owner’s discretion whether or not they’ll add a smoking zone in their business.


However, leading giants in the chain restaurant industry like Starbucks and KFC have put a strict, blanket ban on vaping across all the branches in the United Kingdom.


3. Vaping in Buses and Coaches


You’d be surprised to know that it’s possible to vape while on the go in select areas. When it comes to smoking inside buses and coaches, the regulation greatly depends on the company and their preference.


To be on the safe side, it’s better to double-check with the operator first before whipping out your vape in public transportation. With that in mind, most buses operating around London ban the use of vaping while on board. Smoking against the rules will lead to you being kicked off the bus.


4. Vaping while Driving


While your car is your own property, vaping while driving out on the road is banned as the smoke can block your view. Compromising your vision or attention can be a slippery slope, both of which often lead to fatal accidents and costly consequences on the horizon.


The Bottom Line


Vaping is becoming a common alternative to smoking in various places in the world. The UK is widely accepting of e-cigarette use, but there are rules that keep vapers in check, especially in keeping in line with the law when smoking indoor public establishments. With that in mind, the guide above should straighten your habits and ensure you chase clouds without breaking any rules in the process.


If you’re looking to learn more about vape regulations in the UK, get in touch with us to see how we can help.