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Our Guide to Holding a Vaping Party during the Holidays

Did you know that about 7.1 per cent of the adult population in Great Britain used e-cigarettes back in 2019? This percentage amounted to 3.6 million people, which will only continue to grow. This was reported by the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) back in September of last year. These facts and figures say so much about the growing popularity of vaping in recent years.

In 2020, we have seen a significant increase in the number of vapers in the UK. With the growing number of vaping enthusiasts, you can expect to see new vaping communities in different parts of the country. As the holiday season is fast approaching, it’s also a good idea to host a vaping party to celebrate the occasion in a different light.

If you want planning for a vaping party, here’s our guide to throwing one during the holidays:

1. Set up your vaping venue

Whether you have ample space in your vape shop or plan to hold a house party, you must ensure that you have the perfect venue for the occasion. The ultimate goal is to create the right atmosphere and set the mood for your guests, which is where creativity comes into the picture.

That said, decorate your venue with a perfect combination of Christmas and vaping themes. While you’re at it, install some lighting fixtures and have some good music for entertainment. Don’t forget to have some finger foods and drinks to boost the vaping session and have a memorable party!

2. Prepare vape juices, devices, and accessories

As it’s a vaping party, it must have all kinds of e-liquid products, vape devices, and other related accessories. If you plan to hold a party in your vape shop, it’s a good idea to boost your sale by providing your guests with some discounts. While at it, hand up some freebies and giveaways to some of them!

With all these in place, you and your guests will surely enjoy the session while experimenting with various devices, trying different techniques, or even exploring various e-juice flavours. Ultimately, be sure you provide your guests with their vaping needs, whether for free or for sale.

3. Invite other vaping enthusiasts in your community

Sure, you may initially think about holding a vaping party with your family, relatives, or friends. However, if you have an active vaping community, it’s a good idea to welcome all enthusiasts in your area as well.

Send them an invitation to the party and welcome the newbies or those who want to switch from smoking to vaping. Remember that a party is also a great way to get to know all vapers in the area and create a strong supportive vaping community!


At this point, you now know how to plan well for your upcoming vaping party. As outlined above, all it takes is to set up your venue, prepare e-juices, devices, and accessories, and invite other enthusiasts in your community. Ultimately, there’s nothing more fulfilling than trying different vape devices and exploring new e-juices with your fellow vapers during this time of the year!

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