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Our Guide to Making Your Coils Last Longer - Part 1

Vaping has recently become popular among many individuals as a great alternative to smoking tobacco products, especially for health reasons. Because of this, many vaping aficionados and even novices explore various vape devices, try different vaping techniques, and even experiment with various e-juice flavours. The ultimate goal is to have a better, cheaper, and even more tasteful vaping experience. 

But did you know that prolonging your coils' longevity will help you save money and give you a better, more tasteful vaping experience? In this article, we will share our practical guide on how to make your coils last longer!

How long vape coils last

Keep in mind that vape coils generally last between one to two weeks. But if you want them to last longer than that, there are a few steps you can take. These include knowing how to prime your coils properly and resorting to preventative measures. By prolonging your vape coils, you can take advantage of their overall efficiency and optimal performance.

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When and what it takes to replace your coils

If you're wondering when to replace your coils, you mainly need to do it when they are already giving you a terrible, burnt taste due to constant use and abuse. As mentioned, they will usually last from one to two weeks.

Keep in mind, however, that it's not easy to replace your coils. The replacement process doesn't only require screwing off the old coil and putting in the new piece. For this reason, we'll guide you on how to replace your new coils in the following section.

How to prime your vape coils

  • Dispose of your old coil and get a new one: After tossing out your old coil, screw your new piece into place, allowing you to grip the larger tank base during the next step.
  • Dab the wick with your e-juice: Find the juice holes in the coil's head, where the wick makes contact with your vape juice. Be sure to put a drop of vape juice in these holes to saturate your wick. Finally, add another drop inside the head to soak the wick's centre.
  • Have a few dry hits: After filling up, you can go ahead and reassemble the tank, and attach it to your mod. From there, try to take four to five dry hits to allow the vape juice to siphon into the cotton of the wick and be properly absorbed.
  • Break-in the new wire: Once done with the wicking material saturation, break in the new wiring. Begin using at a lower wattage, taking a few shorter hits and increasing wattage gradually.


At this point, you now know how to make your coils last for as long as possible. All it takes is to understand how to prime your vape coils. To that end, be sure to follow our practical steps outlined above, and you’ll be able to enjoy more of your vaping sessions!

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