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Our Guide to Making Your Coils Last Longer - Part 2

We now already know how vape coils play a vital role in your vape device. As you may or may not be aware, it's considered the heart of your device, as it's responsible for heating the vape juice and vaporising it. 

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In the previous article, we shared our guide on how to make your coils last longer through proper priming. In this article, we will tackle what it takes to extend their lifespan by knowing how to avoid burnt or dry hits and how to remove the vape coil gunk. 

How to avoid burnt or dry hits

A burnt or dry hit is one of the culprits your coil doesn't last long as it should. This typically happens when there's not enough vape juice to allow the coil to heat up. For this reason, the coil itself heats the wicking material, and the material is used up quickly, leaving behind such an awful burnt taste. That said, here's what you need to do to avoid burnt or try hits:

  • Prime your vape coils: Prime your coil by following the instructions in the first part of the article.
  • Don't over-press the on or fire button: Pay attention to your vape's taste to find the sweet spot, and then adjust your wattage settings.
  • Allow three to five seconds between hits: Allow the coil to cool down and absorb more e-liquid to produce more vapour. Taking hits rather quickly will eventually leave your coil dry between hits.
  • Never leave the tank empty: Allowing your tank to completely drain before refilling causes some vaping trouble; try to refill at the quarter-tank mark instead.
  • Keep a lower wattage level: Whenever possible, it's best to vape a lower wattage by vaping with 20W to 80W for most of your day.

How to remove vape coil gunk

Priming a new coil is one matter, and cleaning it is another. It doesn't necessarily mean that you can already neglect it once you put in a new coil. That said, here's how to get rid of the gunk in your vape coil to enjoy your sessions more:

  • Remove excess old juice by blowing it out as much as possible.
  • Run the coil under hot running water to wash out any half-heated liquid or leftover debris.
  • Shake any water sitting between the coil wraps and allow the coil to air dry on top of a paper towel or other absorbent material.
  • Re-attach your coil to your tank and press the on button until it heats up thoroughly. 
  • Allow your coil to cool for four or five seconds, and then fire them again to repeat the heating process.


At this point, you now know how to make your coils last for as long as possible. Apart from properly priming your vape coils, as we discussed in the first part, be sure to know how to avoid burnt or dry hits and how to remove vape coil gunk as well. To that end, by following our practical steps outlined above, you can expect your device to give you an optimal vaping experience that will last for as long as possible!

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