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Our Guide to PG & VG — How They Affect Your Vape Juices - What to Know

When you're out looking at which e-liquids you should buy for your next session of vaping, you might be aware of PG and VG content of the liquids. However, if you're a beginner in vaping, you might be wondering what PG and VG mean.

In this article, we'll talk about PG and VG—what these are, and how they affect your vape juices: 

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

If you're looking at liquids made for Sub-Ohm vaping devices, you'll realise that they'll contain more VG than PG. VG, or vegetable glycerin, is responsible for the thickness of the vape clouds. In other words, the more VG a product contains, the thicker that plume of vapour, something highly sought for by some vapers.

VG is generally made from plants, such as palm, coconuts, and soy. They are found, other than vape juices, in plenty of other products like food items. They're there not only to enhance the sweetness of food products but also lock moisture to preserve them. They're also used in cosmetics, some pharmaceutical products, and more.

In other words, if you're looking for liquids that produce a thick plume, albeit sacrificing a bit of flavour intensity, juices with higher VG content are what you want. 

Propylene Glycol (PG)

PG, or propylene glycol, is another ingredient you'll find in vape juices. They're responsible for giving that "throat hit" that some vapers and long-time smokers enjoy.

PG is a synthetic product, meaning that it doesn't occur in this form naturally. They're mostly found in different consumables like drinks and desserts, including other non-consumables like hand-sanitizers. PG is thought to be the carrier of flavours, which means that liquids with high PG content will deliver much more flavour to your tongue than one with less. However, PG is odourless and usually tasteless. With that said, most of the flavours are carried by PG. Because of this, many so-called "Max VG" juices still contain some PG to assist in flavour delivery. 

If you're looking for juices that deliver more flavour and have that "throat hit," opt for ones that contain more PG.

PG vs. VG

Now that you know what PG and VG are, what they are and what they do, it would help to understand why you should and should not be choosing one or the other.

You should be choosing vape juices with a higher VG content if you want sweet flavours. It would also be your choice of an ingredient if you're going to avoid that harsh "throat hit" and if you're looking for a thicker plume of vapour to play around with. However, do note that these kinds of juices might cause you to produce more mucus and phlegm. 

On the other hand, you should be choosing vape juices with a higher PG content if you want the "throat hit" like that you experience from smoking. PG is also great if you're opting for most flavours, as it will carry flavours from the juice to your tongue more effectively. However, you should avoid this substance if your throat is prone to irritation. Some might also be allergic to PG, so if you are, try your best to limit PG content.

Whether you opt for juices containing more PG or VG is up to you. However, by knowing what they are and what they do, you'll be able to select the perfect e-liquid to enjoy vaping to the fullest. Remember, experimentation is vital in helping you discover what you love and find the juice you like best.

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