The Dark Side of Vape Juice: 3 Causes of Discolouration -

The Dark Side of Vape Juice: 3 Causes of Discolouration

Whether you are new to vaping or have been enjoying it for a while, you may be alarmed by the sudden dark change of your vape juice. In such situations, you might consider throwing it away or daring your vaping friends to test it out for you. But what if we told you the reasons behind the discolouration, instead?

This article helps you stay duly informed about your eJuice and why it suddenly turns a dark brown or even black at times. We have all the key information you need to keep your eJuice stock in its original colour and help you understand why it turns.

If you want to be respected in the vaping community, these key facts are a neat vape party trick to have! Additionally, it helps you vape away without being wary or turned off by the sudden change in colour.

1. You didn’t store the eJuice properly

If you suddenly lose track of time and leave your eJuice out in the sun, it can easily turn dark quickly. Plus, the liquid might either lose its flavour or become bitter.

You have to remember that exposure to intense light will definitely turn your eJuice without you knowing. You will have to vape a very bland liquid until each drop is gone or get rid of it and buy a new one.

To avoid this, make sure you either store all your stocks in a cool and dark compartment. Don’t leave any loose eJuices lying around either. That way, you can load up your e-cig no matter what and enjoy the sesh.

2. You haphazardly mixed different eJuices together

Not all eJuices are the same in quality and flavour. You may love to load up your tank with various mixes and then vape away with your combination. However, this can darken the liquids, and you won’t get to appreciate the mix.

Some vapers often mix their eJuices because they think doing so can extend the shelf life of the old ones. However, this isn’t ideal, as you will end up ruining the fresher liquids with dark, contaminated vape juice.

Remember that old stock shouldn’t be mixed with the new. Keep your liquids duly organised according to their expiry dates to avoid unnecessary spoilage.

3. You mishandled the eJuice

As you should never mix eJuices together, you shouldn’t be overly eager with your new stock fresh from the vape shop. Don’t be forceful by overshaking your liquids. Doing so will introduce it to oxygen, which can easily turn it brown. This process is often referred to as oxidation.

Just enjoy vaping as you normally would. Load the tank with the eJuice, don’t forget to let it seep properly first, then put your vaporizer together. Don’t let it get overagitated once it’s loaded, either.


Follow the tips we mentioned above if you want to avoid vape juice that is darker than usual. Remember, you’re responsible for the vaping liquids you buy, and they can last a long time, but only if you use them right.

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