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Our Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping- How to Blow Big Clouds of Vapour

If you’ve always wanted to exhale giant, billowing clouds of vapour, you’ll want to explore sub ohm vaping. Also known as sub ohming, it is a vaping style that focuses on producing vast vapour clouds. These devices use low resistance coils of less than one ohm, which is where it gets its name. It also supplies enough airflow to allow direct lung inhalation. To sub-ohm, you’ll need vape mods that can generate a minimum of 40 watts, though the higher levels can exceed 200 watts. 

In 2014, sub ohm vapes took over the market, eventually becoming the standard for most new vapers. Technology has caused the term to evolve, as sub-ohm coils are now featured in specific pod vapes. Here’s what you need to know about sub-ohm vaping:

The Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping offers more than fluffy white clouds. Its coils can vaporise a lot of e-liquid at once, delivering intense flavours with each puff. Sub-ohm vapes tend to be warmer due to their high wattages and low-ohm coils, which many vapers enjoy. They also work best with direct lung inhalation and free airflow.

Cloud Chasing and Sub Ohm Vaping

The act of puffing out giant clouds of vapour is referred to as cloud chasing. This practice has led cloud chasers to embark on the perpetual search for new, creative ways to generate giant vapour clouds, requiring lower ohm coils, higher wattages, and more unrestricted airflow. However, to cloud chase, you’ll need enough experience and verified knowledge to ensure you’re doing it safely. It is also crucial to cloud chase only on a sub-ohm vape.

However, not all those who use a sub-ohm vape are cloud chasers. Although this kind of vape is the only way to achieve cloud production of such scale, other people enjoy sub ohm vapes for their different features and not just the ability to cloud chase.

Still, if you’d like to start cloud chasing, you’ll need to get started with a sub-ohm vape pen, available at your local vape shop. It is outfitted with a tank and a powerful battery while being easy to use. You don’t need extensive knowledge to get started on it immediately, making it a beginner-friendly choice.

However, if you prefer something more advanced, you’ll want to get a high-wattage box mod and a rebuildable atomiser, like a dual-coil dripper. You can also opt for rebuildable tanks that are designed for sub ohming and other sub ohm tanks that don’t require a lot of experience to use.

How to Blow Big Clouds of Vapour

If you’d like to get started on blowing big clouds of vapour, be sure to use batteries with high amp ratings that are most suited for high wattages. It’s essential to keep the airflow as open as possible to produce large clouds. You will also need to use max VG vape juice, which will help you increase the size of your clouds.

You’ll also want enough headroom when sub ohming, so be sure to use a mod with power above 40 watts. Even though you won’t use it all, having the opportunity to go up by 10 watts can create a big difference in vapour size. You can also utilise a technique called purging, where you exhale into the vape before inhaling, which pushes the air into the coils and primes them to create more enormous clouds. However, ensure that the airflow holes are not aimed at your eyes or face before purging. Lastly, use coils rated below 0.5 ohms and use a fast, forceful draw, and you’ll be producing the most massive clouds around. You can get all these mods and more at our vape shop.


Part of vaping’s appeal lies in the ability to blow large vapour clouds, made possible by sub ohm vaping. By using our guide, you’ll foray into sub ohm vaping and produce enviable, fluffy vapour clouds while enjoying the full flavour of your vape juice.

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