Professional Vaping: Our Basic Guide -

Professional Vaping: Our Basic Guide

Just when you thought the world of vaping couldn’t get any sweeter: professional vaping is more established, widespread, accessible, and lucrative than ever before.

Although it is still fairly new (with much more potential to grow in the long run), vaping has become more than a mere pipe dream for those with a passion for puffing. Thanks to the growing popularity of the vape culture in the United Kingdom, any vaper that’s skilled and familiar with the nuances of vaping can make a living out of what they love.

At this point in your life, you’re probably well aware that time is short, and you should do what you love to do, which is probably why you’re looking into becoming a professional vaper. However, like any new potential venture in your life, there is actually much to learn and understand about hitting and puffing for a living!

What It Means to Be a Professional Vaper

Given its relatively new nature, it can be quite confusing to understand exactly what professional vaping is because so many things can be done with a vape. The world of puffing for a living is competitive because the money comes from partaking in full-fledged competitions that test the skills of professionals. Depending on the size of the competition and who’s hosting, prizes for winners can range from surprisingly hefty cash prices to gear upgrades. One of the most prominent forms of professional vape competitions is something called “cloud chasing”—more of which we’ll expound on later.

Apart from competitions, however, becoming a professional vaper and making a living off of vapes can extend to running a publication about vapes or running your own vape shop. These are two avenues that many passionate professionals embark on because they lead to sustainable and successful livelihoods.

Elaborating on Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing is a form of competitive vaping that has become especially popular in the UK vape scene in the last few years. 

Also known as “sub-Ohm”, “extreme”, or “stunt” vaping, this discipline has a simple premise: produce the largest vapour clouds possible with the help of a device. During such an event, winners are determined by a board of judges and spectators (otherwise known as “cloud gazers”) after being judged accordingly after a series of attempts.

When it comes to finding success in cloud chasing competitions, two factors are used to determine winners: size and skill. For instance, some tournaments will challenge vapers to blow the largest possible cloud at the furthest distance. Other kinds of tournaments will require vapers to perform tricks such as the “jellyfish” or “waterfall” in succession, similar to performing trick moves on skateboards or motocross. 

Getting Started on Cloud Chasing

If you’re looking to become a professional cloud chaser to make a killing off of smoking the competition, you need to come prepared with the right equipment for the job. To help give you the start that you need, here’s a rundown of what you should stock up on and invest in:

  • Nicotine-free e-liquid: To create the best quality clouds for cloud chasing, vapers generally prefer to use e-liquids that don’t contain nicotine. This is because nicotine makes it difficult to hit properly and induces coughing, resulting in thinner clouds.

  • Sub-ohm tank: A sub-ohm tank is another crucial component you should invest in when gearing up for fierce cloud chasing battles. Compared to regular tanks, this type of tool can deliver optimal levels and resistance for thicker puffs. 


If you’re looking to follow your passions and turn your hobby into something that will let you put food on the table, there’s no question that becoming a professional vaper is the way to go. Through the help of this guide, you can equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to make a living out of what you love so that you never have to feel like you’re at work ever again!

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