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Our Quick Guide on What You Need to Know When Cleaning Vapes

Vape devices such as vape pens are known for their flexibility and durability. Of course, these are only true if you know how to keep them well-maintained in the first place.

Over time, you'll find that each draw seems to be weaker and weaker. That's because your vape device is getting dirtier. Its coils are getting mucked, and the filters are degrading. With that said, you can save plenty of money and time if you know how to take care of your vapes.

This guide will take you through what you need to do exactly to keep your vapes clean:

How to Clean Your Vapes

When it comes to how you should be cleaning your vape, it will depend on what kind of vape you're using. You'll most likely receive a guide on how you can clean your vape. If you didn't get one, there are plenty of cleaning guides online that you can refer to. 

Most cleaning guides will ask you to disassemble your vape and soak the vape tank and atomizer in water for a few hours. This will allow water to reach some of the harder-to-reach areas of your vape. Some others will ask you to run water over these parts instead. Of course, the only part you aren't going to let touch water would be the battery itself. 

Daily rinsing is recommended if you want to keep your vape clean, allowing you to enjoy great flavours. If you do switch flavours often, you might need to do a little more rinsing so that you'll get the cleanest of flavours.

To disinfect your vape, you'll need to use an alcohol-based solution. You can also opt for individual vape cleaning products if you can purchase some, or you can use vinegar as well. While some might suggest soap, you shouldn't be using it as it can cause a buildup that will harm the vape, which will not help in terms of ensuring that you enjoy the cleanest draws. 

How Often You Should be Cleaning Vapes

For the first few months, when you start using a new vape, you don't have to worry about cleaning it frequently. The hits you'll receive will be as good as it gets.

Over time, however, the buildup will occur, which will hurt your vaping experience. With that said, it helps to sit down and clean your vapes at least once a month or once a week, depending on how often you vape.

Remember, the more you clean your vapes, the fresher your vaping will be. Keep them clean often so that you won't ever have to deal with a dirty vape that gives you terrible draws.

Bottom Line

You must have a habit of regularly cleaning your vapes. While it certainly will be a learning process, and possibly a difficult one, to begin with, you'll slowly find that it becomes much easier to clean your vapes the more often you do so. With that, you'll also ensure that each draw you take is the best it can be and that your expensive vape will last for as long as possible.

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