No More Bitter Hits: 3 Preventive Methods to Avoid Sub-Ohm Coil Burnouts -

No More Bitter Hits: 3 Preventive Methods to Avoid Sub-Ohm Coil Burnouts

A delicious e-liquid and smooth-sailing vapour can often be tempting to hit like a choo-choo train for many enthusiastic vapers, but nothing takes the fun out of cloud chasing more than inhaling something that burns the back of your throat. After the shocking heat puts your mouth momentarily on fire, the burnt vapour also leaves a bitter taste on the tongue.

The overly hot vapour and the unpleasant, incinerated flavour profile you get every now and then happens due to burned-out coils. In particular, sub-ohm coils are prone to burn faster since they have less resistance, which gives them a tendency to heat quicker as they produce massive clouds.

Coils aren’t designed to last forever, so it’s important to change them regularly to avoid getting scorching puffs. But many factors cause your sub-ohm coils to burn out faster, so let’s break down the common culprits so you can prevent an untimely burnout. 

Tip #1: Always Prime the Coil and Wicking Material 

After preparing your new sub-ohm coil, don’t jump the gun just yet and inhale! The best way to maximize your vape is to prime the atomizer head by saturating the coil and wicking material with e-liquid.

Primed coils guarantee higher efficiency, so letting the new coils soak for a few minutes helps them adjust to your wattage settings and perform better at producing big vapour without burning too soon. 

Tip #2: Adjust Wattage and Settings 

Not all vape devices function with the same settings, so it’s important to adjust the wattage limits depending on the coil materials you use. Sub-ohm levels typically need at least 40 watts, but other mods like sub-ohm tanks can easily handle 200 watts. 

The higher the wattage, the more heat it creates, so be sure to set a level that matches your vaping style, wicker thickness, and sub-ohm coils. Finding the ideal wattage for your vape is often a trial-and-error process, though you can use a calculator to help you determine the best settings on the first try. 

Tip #3: Choose the Right E-Liquid 

There is a colourful range of e-liquids available, and other than exploring shelves after shelves of different flavour profiles, you also need to think about the blend. For example, e-liquids with plenty of natural sugar content can take a toll on your sub-ohm coils by gunking them up. With that in mind, a 50/50 VG/PG ratio can be the best blend to make the most of your vape’s life span! 

The Bottom Line: Avoiding Sub-Ohm Burnout 

Vaping is a fun experience, but it’s important to properly set up your device and ensure it matches your type of sub-ohm coil and vaping style to avoid early burnouts. For smoother, cleaner, and bigger clouds, the tips above should boost your cloud-chasing cravings without the burnt taste. 

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