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What to Know About Sub-ohm Vaping: A Beginner's Guide

Sub-ohm vaping, or called sub-ohming, has become extremely popular among cloud chasers. In 2014, in particular, this style of vaping dominated the market. It even became the default standard for most new vapers in mid-2016. As the market became more diverse, sub-ohming is still worth trying and remains a holy grail for vapers.

What Is Sub-ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohming uses devices that utilize low resistance coils that are 0.5 ohms or lower, which is why it is called sub-ohm. It produces large clouds of vapour and provides enough airflow for direct lung inhalation. It also usually requires vape mods that can put out 40-200 watts.

Why Is Sub-ohm Vaping Worth Trying?

Sub-ohm vaping is different from regular vaping. It has been mainly known for producing big clouds that cloud chasers find appealing, but this style of vaping offers more advantages over other styles of vaping. Here are some of its benefits:

  • More Intense Flavour: Compared to regular coils, the ones used in sub-ohm can vapourize a lot of e-liquid at a time. This means it can produce a smoother, more intense flavour with every puff.
  • Warmer Vape: This type of vaping goes best with a direct lung inhale, especially with high-wattages and low-ohm coils. Since there is a wide airflow on the sub-ohm tank, expect a warmer vape. This is ideal for vapers who enjoy the extreme throat hit.

What Is Cloud Chasing?

Many vapers choose to try sub-ohming because of cloud chasing. It refers to the process of creating huge clouds of vapour with a vape. Since cloud chasers are constantly trying to look for ways to produce the biggest clouds of vapour, they often experiment with using higher wattages, lots of airflow, and lower ohm coils.

How Do Cloud Chasers Produce Bigger Clouds?

Getting a sub-ohm vape pen from a trusted vape shop is the first step to starting safe cloud chasing. This vape pen consists of a powerful battery and a vape tank. It is easy to use, making it suitable for beginners. For advanced vapers who want to try cloud chasing, they can use a high-wattage box mod paired with a rebuildable atomizer. Here are some tips for producing bigger clouds:

  • Use a Mod with Power above 40 Watts: Having lots of headroom for power is helpful when sub-ohming. While vapers likely won’t use it all up, these additional watts can improve their vapour volume.
  • Use the Right Batteries: Batteries with high amp ratings are suitable for high wattages. This means they are appropriate for sub-ohming.
  • Keep the Airflow Open: Sub-ohm devices come with adjustable airflow to allow vapers to have less or more airflow, depending on their preferences. To achieve the biggest clouds for the atomizer, open the airflow all the way.
  • Try Purging: This vaping technique used for cloud chasing involves exhaling into the vape before inhaling. When performing this method, the airflow holes shouldn’t be directed into the face.


Sub-ohm vaping is one of the styles used for cloud chasing. This involves seeing large clouds of vapour filling the room along with enjoying an increased throat hit, which can be satisfying for many vapers. If you are one of them and want to try sub-ohming, get your cloud chasing essentials from a reputable online vape shop like ours.

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