Winter is Coming: How to Prolong Your Vaping in Cold Weather -

Winter is Coming: How to Prolong Your Vaping in Cold Weather

The holiday season is in full swing, and with it comes the cold winter temperatures that can easily freeze you to death. Despite the cold weather, there's no stopping you when it comes to vaping your favourite E-liquid flavour. The problem is, frigid temperatures and electronics don't really mix well, especially on your vape's batteries. This guide talks about some of those vaping dilemmas during the cold winter months and what you can do to prolong your device's battery life and enjoy your vaping without much hassle.

Winter Battery Issues

Vaping devices and batteries use lithium batteries, the same kind of battery that is used to power laptops. Lithium batteries are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. They can easily overheat in a matter of minutes, something that can be quite dangerous to the device or even your health. But it doesn't only apply to the battery itself. The coils, as well as the E-liquid that you use, are stored in the device, and when these things get too cold, some significant issues can arise.

Battery Not Charging

Temperatures below 32-degrees Fahrenheit can cause your battery's rechargeable cells to fail. When that happens, your device will still work, but the battery won't recharge, which means you have to keep buying new batteries, which can get pretty expensive. If you know your battery is not charging, you have to preheat your batteries for about two minutes before using it to vape. That's the simplest way of dealing with your frozen battery. If you forget to do this, you can still heat your battery up by wrapping it in a towel and putting it near a heat source such as a radiator, heater, or even by putting it inside your jacket. If you don't want to do this all the time, then you should invest in a battery charger with an internal heater.

Extending the Life of Your Vape Battery During Winter

Batteries in vapes are designed to work in any weather, even in the coldest weather. You can still vape even when it's 7 degrees below zero, but you have to be sure you are not actually damaging the battery or your vape device. Here are some tips to make sure your device is okay even during the cold winter months:

1. Keep a Spare Battery

It's very important for you to bring a spare battery when you're on the go. Store the second battery in a pocket or in your car to keep its temperature from dropping.

2. Limit Your Vaping

If you're physically active, your body will naturally produce heat, which can prevent your battery from getting too cold. But if you're not moving around much, then you should limit your usage until you heat up.

3. Don't Use a Fast Charger

Using a fast charger will only increase your battery's heat, which can cause it to overheat. Your best bet is to use a regular charger, which will not only extend your battery's life but will also help to reduce the heat produced by your vape.

4. Limit the number of Puffs

It's a good habit to take a few puffs and then wait a few minutes before taking the next puffs. This allows the liquid to get to a warmer temperature, which will make it easier on the battery.

5. Opt for E-liquid with Higher VG Content

E-liquids with higher VG content are thicker than those with low VG. And thin liquid tends to become colder than thick liquid. So opt for E-liquids with 70% VG or higher.


The bottom line is that batteries can easily get damaged during the winter months, which is why you have to be more careful with your device. Follow these tips to ensure your vape device and battery are in good condition, even during winter.

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