Here Are the Top Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Vaping

Vaping has risen in popularity in recent times. Many opt to vape in hopes of leaving their smoking days behind. 

It's worth noting, though, that the world of vaping can be a daunting place, especially for those with little to no experience. After all, there are so many factors to consider, from vape tanks to e-juices and batteries. 

If you're looking to start vaping, you need to know that you may make some mistakes early on. Here are some that you want to avoid.

1. Don't Overfill Your Vape Tanks

When starting out, you might get tempted to overfill your vape tanks. After all, the more e-juice you fill your tanks with, the more vaping time you can enjoy between refills, right?

Unfortunately, many new vapers make the common mistake of overfilling their vape tanks. The problem is that the e-juice can get into the heating coils, especially if you're using a box mod. When that happens, you may get a burnt taste that makes vaping much less enjoyable.

The solution is to only fill your vape tank halfway, at least at first. You'll still enjoy plenty of vaping time before you have to add more e-juice.

2. Don't Settle for Subpar Vape Mods and Batteries

Many new vapers eventually start to shop for better vape mods and batteries.

The trouble is that many new vapers rush into things, leading to mistakes. They may settle for a cheap vape mod or one that doesn't have enough power or quality.

Don't make that mistake. If you're going to start investing in quality vape mods, do it immediately. They're better than the cheap ones you'll find on the market, and they'll last you longer.

3. Don't Vape Cheap E-Juice

You may feel tempted to start with the cheapest e-juice you can find when you begin vaping. Unfortunately, that's a common mistake that many newbies make, and it's not a good one.

Cheap e-juice often tastes, well, cheap. It's weak in flavour and harsh on your throat. It also isn’t rough on your wallet, leading many to assume that it's good enough.

The solution is to find e-juice that's worth your money. You can usually find flavours worth a little extra. If you do, you'll enjoy your first vaping experience a lot more.

4. Don't Forget to Clean Your Vape Tanks

Another mistake that many new vapers make is forgetting to clean their vape tanks. They might use their device for a few weeks, even a few months, with no cleaning at all.

The trouble is that vape tanks can get clogged up with impurities and residue. If the residue builds up too much, it may start to affect the taste of your e-juice, too. In turn, that may make vaping less enjoyable.

You want to avoid this at all costs, so remember to clean your vape tanks at least once before every juice change. 

5. Don't Start Vaping without Priming Your Coils

One of the most integral parts of vaping is priming your coils. Doing so ensures that you're getting every drop of flavour from your e-juice.

However, new vapers often forget this step. The result is that you don’t get all the flavour out of your e-juice. Instead, you may end up with a burnt taste that only leaves you disappointed.

The solution is simple. Make sure you prime your coils before you vape. It's a quick process, and it ensures that you can enjoy your e-juice to the fullest.


Vaping can be a rewarding hobby, but you have to make sure to avoid mistakes along the way. Fortunately, the five mistakes highlighted above are easy to avoid. Doing so can guarantee you'll be vaping with ease in no time.

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