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4 Basic Signs Whether or Not a Vape Juice Has Been Steeped

Since vapers go to great lengths to find the best flavour, VG/PG ratio, and nicotine strength for their e-juices, it’s time to talk about steeping. Steeping is a process that enhances the best qualities in a vape juice, such as richness and complexity of flavour, and even the quality of the nicotine impact and the smoothness of the inhale.

Why Is Steeping Important?

Steeping e-liquid is the process of concentrating desired molecules by exposing them to controlled oxidisation over time. This process evaporates specific molecules to enhance flavour and nicotine strength, like ageing wine or cigars.

E-liquids should be steeped before vaping to produce a more satisfying experience. The steeping process can vary, but the desired result is the same.

Do All Vape Juice Companies Steep Their E-juices before Shipping Them Out? 

Pre-steeping is a sign of a company that cares about its flavours and wants the customers to have the best experience possible. However, not all companies take the time to steep their e-liquids before sending them to businesses or customers because it requires an extra step in the manufacturing process. 

Some companies choose to skip mainly because they lack the resources. Others don't have the interest.

How to Tell if a Vape Juice Has Been Properly Steeped

While an unsteeped vape juice isn't necessarily compulsory, it may mean you'll need to steep it yourself to get the full flavour and nicotine potential. Steeping involves storing the juice in a dark, dry, cool place for at least two weeks.

Here are the signs to look for to see if the vape juice you purchased has already been steeped:

1. The Scent 

If the vape juice has a strong smell, it's probably been steeped. In contrast, a watery or faint smell indicates that it hasn't been steeped.

2. The Colour 

One indicator of whether a vape juice has been steeped is the colour. Steeping usually makes the juice darker. However, e-liquids come in different colour shades, so it can be hard to tell if the colour is from steeping or from the ingredients. 

Generally, steeping yields a richer brown colour. If the vape juice is almost clear, it probably hasn't been steeped.

Fruit e-juices are almost always clear, even when thoroughly steeped. The only exception is fruity vape juices, which may have little to no colour.

3. Stability 

The longer you steep your vape juice, the thicker it will become. If your e-liquid is watery, it probably hasn't been steeped long enough. Remember the VG/PG ratio you selected when you mix your e-liquid, as more VG e-liquids will be broader than those with higher levels of PG.

4. The Company’s Rules 

You can check their policies to see if a company steeps their vape juice before it’s sold. It can be helpful to know how the company steeps its juice, as this gives you more information about whether or not the process was done right. If you can't find this information, you can always contact the company and ask.


Pre-steeping your e-liquids results in a more enjoyable vape. This is why you should buy from companies that steep all of their products beforehand.

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