How to Steep Your eJuice to Achieve Better Vape Sessions -

How to Steep Your eJuice to Achieve Better Vape Sessions

If you own a vape and use it regularly, you may reach a point where you want to experience better cloud-chasing moments, starting with improving the flavour you acquire from your device. One way to enhance the taste of your eJuice is to consider steeping it.

Steeping is a method that involves soaking the liquid for an extended period to make an element softer, extracting and cleansing it to evolve into a better form. It’s similar to letting a wine age over time to improve its taste.

When you steep eJuice, not only do you acquire a better flavour, but you also produce more potent hits. Steeping is helpful when you don’t favour the eJuice you recently bought, yet you still want to give it another try. Keep reading below to find out how to steep eJuice correctly to improve your vaping.

Tips to Steep Your eJuice Effectively

Shake the Bottle Well 

If you wish to extract more flavour out of your vape eJuice, you could begin by shaking its bottle before you use it each time. For those that have built the same habit, you simply have to stick to it and learn to shake the eJuice thoroughly. 

When you take time to agitate the bottle before you begin your vape session, you can guarantee that you spread out the ingredients that make up the eLiquid evenly. In a way, you’re automatically steeping your eJuice just by shaking its bottle. 

Store it Properly for a While 

After you shake your eLiquid bottle and you still aren’t satisfied with the flavour and experience, you could move on to other solutions. This time, you could take the bottle and place it in a cool and dark place and leave it there for a couple of weeks.

To truly improve your vape experience, while your eJuice remains stored away in the dark, you could shake the bottle every day to keep its heavier particles from getting stuck in the bottom. Since you aren’t using your eJuice yet, you could swirl and shake the liquid to loosen up the particles, resulting in a more distinct flavour once it’s time to use it. 

Remove the Lid of the Bottle 

One way to improve your steeping process while keeping the eJuice you got from a vape shop in a dark room at home is to keep the lid of its bottle off for a longer time. In the first place, performing steeping is necessary to boost the flavour and let the eJuice’s ingredients absorb into the carrier, regardless if it’s VG, PG, or both. 

When you remove the lid of the eJuice, oxidation increases and happens much faster than before. You can allow it to remain like that for a few weeks while keeping the storage at room temperature. In some cases, the eJuice will change not only the flavour but also the colour. 

Create Your Own eJuice Combination 

If you know your eJuice and have been using a vape for a long time, you could consider another steeping method, including mixing your own concoction of eJuice. It’s better to use heavy VG eLiquids because you don’t have to wait for weeks to accomplish the flavour you want. 

Instead, it only takes a couple of days to make it happen. All you have to do is boil water, pour it into a bowl, and let it cool down for a while. Afterwards, add the uncovered bottle of mixed eJuice and keep it there until the water reaches room temperature. Store the bottle in the dark for a few days, and you can guarantee its flavour will become deeper than before. 


When you recently purchased a new eJuice flavour from an online vape shop, and you ended up not liking its taste so much, you shouldn’t give up on it immediately. Since it costs you money to get it, the least you can do is make sure it’s worth it. You could try steeping the eJuice through the methods above to see if it improves the flavour and gives you a unique vape experience. 

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