Comparing the Costs of Vaping Versus Smoking in UK 2021 -

Comparing the Costs of Vaping Versus Smoking in UK 2021

If you're a smoker in the UK, you're probably mourning how much it costs you to light a simple smoke. Nowadays, more and more taxes are being imposed on the tobacco industry, translating into higher prices per stick. If this isn't bad enough, maybe your worsening cough will do the trick.

Many smokers have found solace in vape. Not only is vaping cheaper, but it's also actually better for your lungs or your body overall. Despite this, many smokers baulk at the thought of buying pricey kits and e-juice refills, a stark difference from the familiar lighter-and-stick setup.

Well, we're here to tell you that this isn't the case. In this article, we'll be laying bare the actual costs of smoking versus vaping, showing you that vaping puts more money in your pocket year on year. Read on! 

How Much Does it Cost to Smoke in the UK?

The cost of cigarettes will vary depending on the amount and type of cigarettes purchased. However, for the sake of this discussion, we'll be using averages.

Before Philip Hammond's 2018 address, the average cost of a pack of smokes was £9.91. However, smokers will now have to pay 33p extra, putting the price of a pack beyond the £10 barrier (£10.24).

For smokers who consume one pack a day, the math is simple (we've rounded up to £10.20):

£10.20 multiplied by 365 days is £3,723

When you consider how much of it goes to smokes alone, that's quite a sum. There are, however, additional expenses connected with smoking.

If you smoke in your car, an air freshener is required to avoid soaking your seats with smoke. Otherwise, you risk paying more for the upholstery to avoid irritating your non-smoking loved ones.

You'll also be paying for loads of gum, so your breath doesn't smell. There's that. We won't even be considering the costs of dental hygiene and the higher chances of lung cancer and other smoking-related illnesses.

How Much Does Vaping in the UK Cost?

When it comes to vape, you have to pay a lump sum to get the hobby going, starting with vape kits, followed by ongoing costs of coil replacements and juices refills.

A solid starting package for an e-cigarette will typically cost between £20 and £45. So, to obtain a fair average cost for your e-cigarette, let's go with £25. And let's imagine you replace it twice a year because we all like to change things up or treat ourselves to a brand-new set now and again! So the vape gadget costs a total of £50 per year.

The new coils come next. Most individuals will need to replace their coils every two weeks, with the typical coil costing £3.50. That comes to a total of £84 per year for coils.

Finally, there's the e-liquid! Several e-liquid bottle sizes are available, each with its pricing (obviously, the bigger the bottle, the more expensive). Most ex-smokers prefer 10ml drinks since they are already nicotine-dosed, whereas bigger bottles are not. A 10ml bottle will often cost between £3 and £5. As you can see, it doesn't even break the £1,000 ceiling! 


We hope we were able to persuade you that vaping is a wiser financial option. If you are one of the brave people who has recently stopped smoking, you will never have to worry about the expense of vaping or the cost of a new vape kit—the financial benefits are obvious!

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