Steeping Salt Nic Juices: Our Basic but in-Depth Guide -

Steeping Salt Nic Juices: Our Basic but in-Depth Guide

Throughout the course of your vaping journey, the one factor of every hit and resulting experience you’ve had that bears a much greater impact than anything else is the juice you puff.

Although there’s no doubt that factors like mods, tanks, wicks, coils, and wattages all contribute to the kind of experience that you have during every vaping session, it all boils down to the kind of liquid you use. Regardless of how serious or invested you may be in building the ideal set-up and experience, you can definitely attest to the fact that the liquid you vape ties everything together.

When it comes to your current vaping stash, the chances are that you already have an assortment of different juices that you’ve experimented with. Some juices may definitely appeal to your tastes which some others were only good for one refill and are better off not being touched ever again. 

Among the different bottles that you currently have stocked up in your cupboard, the ones that seem to stand out the most are the ones that contain nic salts. But did you know that you can steep them for better results?

Why salt nic juices stand out compared to freebase ones

Currently, salt nic juices are taking over the industry as one of the top e-liquids to watch out for right now—and for good reason. Compared to standard freebase juices that end up giving harsh experiences when vaped at high temperatures, the liquid in question is known for providing continuously smooth hits, thanks to the chemistry of nicotine salts themselves. On top of smoother experiences with each hit, salt nic juices are also well-known for the quality of flavour that they provide, thanks to how they affect the taste profile of artificial flavouring! 

What is steeping? 

If you aren’t familiar with the term “steeping,” it’s something that you’ll eventually hear about sooner or later because of the growing number of British vapers that are practising it today. 

The best way to define the term in question is that it’s a process that involves allowing the molecules in vape juice to oxidise by letting it stay within the bottle before for an extended period. When you let the nicotine salts in the juice steep, the flavour and nicotine molecules themselves interact with each other as small amounts of oxygen are introduced. As a result, you get a vape juice that has a much more intense hit and a flavour that tends to become richer!

How do you start steeping?

Although it may seem a bit complicated at first, the steeping process for salt nic vape juice is rather straightforward and easy to deal with. 
At the start of the steeping process, you’ll need to start placing bottles of e-liquid in a cool, dark place for up to two weeks. Throughout this half-month period, it’s important to ensure that your stored bottles are gently shaken daily so that you can introduce more oxygen into the formula. Once enough oxygen builds up and helps begin the steeping process, certain molecules evaporate, and the colour of the vape juice darkens, leading to a refined juice! 


While the world of vaping leaves much room for creativity in the pursuit of refining experiences, one practice that stands out is the process of steeping nicotine salt juices. If you want to add an entirely new dimension of flavour and stronger hits to your vaping experiences, then you should definitely start applying the practice in question ASAP! 

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