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What is Sub-Ohm Vaping? Can I Use It to Make Big Clouds?

So you’ve got yourself some vape e-juice from the UK, and now you want to create those massive clouds of vapour, but you don’t know how. Never fear; simply try sub-ohming. 

In 2016, most beginners were just like you, wanting sub-ohm capable devices. The devices that are used for sub-ohm vape are different from ordinary ones. They use low resistance coils that are less than one ohm. Vape mods need 40 watts to 200 watts of power to sub-ohm properly. There are many different kinds of vapes that are capable of sub-ohming in the market today.

Classic Style vs Sub-ohm Vaping

There are basically two main methods of vaping. The first, classic-style, is when you draw in vapour in the mouth and then inhale it into the lungs. This is very similar to how people use cigarettes and other tobacco products. The VG to PG ratio is much higher in vapes that are used for classic-style vaping. Also, the coils used in them have a resistance that ranges from 1.6ohm to 2.4ohm.

The second style of vaping is known as sub-ohm vaping. Like we discussed before, this is the kind of vaping that produces the most vapour clouds. This style of vaping involves inhaling the e-liquid directly into your lungs. These e-liquids have a much higher PG to VG ratio, and the tanks/atomiser (what they call the coils) are below one ohm of resistance. 

Sub-ohm vaping is called such because the resistance coils that it uses have less than one ohm of resistance. These kinds of coils are also found in some pod vapes. These vapes are similar to sub-ohm tanks but use less power since they are small. Ejuice manufacturers have since created high VG e-liquids that accommodate low resistance.

Sub-ohm Vaping Factors

There are three key factors that can affect your sub-ohm vaping experience.

Coil Resistance

The surface area of your coil affects how much current and resistance there will be. A larger surface area gives you more current and less resistance, while the opposite is true for a smaller surface area.


In vape, wattage means heat produced. The more heat/wattage you have, the more vapours you will be able to produce.

Battery Voltage

Simply put, battery voltage is the amount of power generated by your vape.

What E-liquids Work Best With Sub-Ohming Devices?

If you’re looking at e-liquids to purchase for your sub-ohming device, you need to know about PG/VG. PG is a thinner liquid that creates a strong throat hit and provides a lot of flavour and nicotine. VG, on the other hand, has a softer throat hit and produces large thick clouds. For sub-ohm devices, there is usually more VG.

Another thing to consider when looking at e-liquids is how much nicotine they contain. Try to aim for a 12mg/mL or lower than that when using a sub-ohm device.


Sub-ohm vaping is a very tempting style if you want to experience intense flavours and also create large amounts of vapour clouds. Remember that it takes some practice to create these clouds, so don’t give up if you don’t succeed at first. Good luck with your cloud chasing and keep vaping!

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