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4 Reasons for Your Pod Cartridge Jam and How to Fix It!

The innovation of pod mod systems have given vapers a convenient way to enjoy their e-liquids and get their nicotine fixes throughout the day. These convenient pod systems are quite straightforward and do not require that much assembly, making them extremely appealing to people who enjoy minimalistically designed gadgets and value convenience. 

While it is true that pod mod systems are excellent, this system may sometimes have its downside. One common issue that some users often complain about is a jammed cartridge. This is one of the most annoying and bothersome things that can happen to a pod mod because obviously a jammed cartridge will mean that you can not use your vape. However, the good news is that this is a problem that is easily fixed. 

Here are a few possible explanations for your pod cartridge jam:

Reason 1 - Leaky Pod Cartridge

The first reason your vape may not be working properly is a leaky cartridge. These leaks may cause clogs in the sugar of your vape that may cause further problems down the line.

How to Solve It:

The first thing to do is to determine if your cartridge is leaking because of damage or because you failed to seal the cartridge properly. If you find a particular spot that may be stickier than the rest of your vape system, you may have found your leak. If it’s a sealing problem, a good clean and proper installation should fix it. A damaged cartridge, however, should be discarded.

Reason 2 - Using the Wrong Kind of E-Liquid

You may be using certain types of vape juices that need to be heated to extremely high temperatures to produce vapor. Your system may not be able to handle those voltages, resulting in no vape coming out of your system.

How to Solve It:

If you suspect that you may be using the wrong type of e-liquid, rinse out your vape and replace your liquid with a salt nic e-liquid instead.

Reason 3 - Air Bubbles in Your Cartridge

Another cause may be bubbles inside your cartridge. Bubbles will have the same effects as clogs in your vape system.

How to Solve It:

Getting rid of the bubbles will be the best way to solve this problem. Agitation is one way to get rid of the bubbles and release the air inside. Try gently flicking your cartridge or hitting it against a surface.

Reason 4 - A Faulty Cartridge

Lastly, you may be experiencing a nonfunctional vape system because you have a faulty cartridge. There may be a number of other damaged parts of your vape system that may need to be addressed.

How to Solve It:

Taking your cartridge to a vape shop will help you get to the bottom of the problem.


When you notice that your vape isn’t working as it should, you may want to hold off before throwing it away and buying a new one. You may be dealing with a minor problem that will have an easy fix. However, if you need help with your cartridge jam, taking your vape to a reliable shop will help you get it up and running again in no time.

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