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Should You Switch from Smoking Cigarettes to Vaping?

Smoking is hard to let go of, especially if you have established it as a part of your daily routine. Your body will crave the loss, so many experts suggest finding an alternative like vaping. With vaping, one gets the opportunity to quit smoking but still get some nicotine.

If you are considering a visit to a vape shop soon, here are some things you should know.

Why Should You Consider Switching to Vaping?

Smoking is a habit that’s more harmful than beneficial. Smoking causes health problems such as heart disease, lung cancer and stroke. Ultimately, it can lead to death, which is sad but true. Besides the health risks, smoking also causes damage to your social life and financial status.

A safer alternative to smoking cigarettes would be electronic cigarettes or vapes. As opposed to smoking, vaping does not give off any smoke and odour like tobacco, and it is way cheaper and more convenient.

What Are the Benefits of Vaping?

Many people turn to vape over smoking cigarettes because of the following benefits. 

  • Vaping devices are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Compared to a pack of cigarettes, a stylish electronic cigarette can last for months before they need to purchase a new one.
  • Vaping is better for your lungs. Vaping causes no harm to the lungs, unlike smoking. There is no carbon monoxide involved, and it does not produce icky odours like cigarette smoke.
  • Getting to enjoy some nicotine while quitting smoking is one of the biggest draws that make people turn to vaping. Vapers can choose their nicotine levels based on their preference. Vaping, therefore, is kinder to your health in the long run, especially if you want to kick the habit slowly but surely.
  • There is no need to worry about bad breath and yellow teeth. There won't be any tobacco stains, and your breath and teeth will smell fresh throughout the day.

What Happens to Your Body after Quitting Smoking?

Quitting smoking is beneficial to your body, so the earlier you do it, the better your health will be. Here are some effects you will notice as you stick to your quitting habit:

  • A few days after you quit, nicotine will slowly be gone from your body. You may feel some withdrawal symptoms. If you have a vape with little nicotine content, you will be able to reduce cravings and avoid hindering your progress.
  • A week after you quit, your lungs will improve their functions, as well as the other organs in your body.
  • One month after you quit, the cilia in your lungs will be free of tar. It will be able to move freely again and it can start clearing your airways of microbes, mucus, and dirt.

How Can You Stick with Vaping over Smoking Cigarettes?

When people switch to vaping, they miss some of the things they love about smoking. Yes, it takes time to get used to this new habit, but doing these things can help you adjust:

  • Control the strength of the e-liquid you use. As a start, you can choose those with nicotine content, and you can eventually go to nicotine-free ones when you’re ready.
  • Do not stress yourself if you need time to transition to lower nicotine levels.
  • Buy various ranges of e-liquids for different situations you encounter. You can stick with a lower dose daily but reach for a higher amount when you are stressed.
  • Take it one day at a time.

Final Thoughts

Though vaping and smoking are two separate habits, both are addictive. When switching from smoking to vaping, you need to ease off the habit to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms. We recommend that you start by reducing your nicotine level gradually, rather than just going cold turkey so that you can stick to your quitting plan.

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