TC Vapes, Part 1: Why You Should Get This Vape Mod Today -

TC Vapes, Part 1: Why You Should Get This Vape Mod Today

When you’re a vaper, few things are more annoying than burnt or dry hits. It can be unpleasant to take a draw expecting a clean flavour but getting nothing or an acrid metallic taste instead. You can avoid this situation by getting a pen with temperature control or TC—keep reading to learn more about how you can start using this vape mod.

What is Temperature Control Vaping?

TC or Temperature Control mode lets you set a specific heat level for vaporising your e-juice. This feature allows your coil’s temperature to remain consistent, which curbs burnt or dry hits. When you use temperature control correctly, you’ll never burn your wicks or cause your pen to overheat. It also creates a smoother and more customisable vaping experience—once you get the hang of TC vaping, you’ll get more out of every draw.

Devices that support temperature control in vapes are known as ‘box-mods.’ These vapes have a built-in chip allowing it to regulate the coil’s temperature. Most vape enthusiasts consider these types of pens the best at temperature control. Instead of controlling just the wattage to modify the temperature, you can adjust the coil’s heat levels. You can get both types of vapes today—manufacturers like Vaporesso sell kits with both wattage and temperature control modes.

How Exactly Does TC Vaping Work?

If you’re taking up TC vaping or have started, it’s good to know how TC mode works. However, you can use TC vapes without knowing much about them, as long as you set the pen to the recommended temperatures each time you vape. 

For people who want to know more, you can start by learning more about electrical properties, specifically ‘resistance.’ This refers to the amount of current your device’s coil can handle. This value determines the temperature your coil uses to vaporise e-juice. Some coils have a set resistance value, but others have one that increases as the material gets hotter. The latter is what TC vapes use for coils.

When the TC coil gets hotter, the resistance increases. Then, the mod lowers the current to maintain the temperature, which creates a feedback loop and makes your draws consistent. In contrast, wattage mode devices use Kanthal wire for their coils, which produce the same resistance no matter the temperature.

Vaping in TC Mode: First Things to Know

If you want to start vaping in temperature control mode, the first thing you should do is get a mod capable of TC in the first place. Preferably, get one that lets you adjust the temperature coefficient of resistance or TCR for each wire. 

Some mods have better temperature control than others—DNA or Yihi chip-controlled TC mode devices are among the best, but they are also more expensive. Voopoo, VandyVape, and Vaporesso have solid offerings with TC capabilities. Besides getting a TC-capable mod, you need a tank that uses nickel, titanium, or stainless steel coils. You can get temperature control-ready tanks or make one yourself.


Temperature control vaping is like having a car on cruise control. When you’re going uphill, you use up more power to maintain your speed. Conversely, you need less power for going down the hill. The power output changes, but the speed stays the same—similarly, with TC mode, your coil temperature changes, but the experience stays the same.

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