TC Vapes, Part 2: Using This Mod for the First Time -

TC Vapes, Part 2: Using This Mod for the First Time

No vaper wants burnt or dry hits. Temperature control or TC mods should address that—in part one of our mini-series on TC mods, we looked at how temperature control works. We also covered why it’s a good option for beginners. This second part will look at how you can get the best experience out of this kind of vape.

How Do You Vape in TC Mode?

The first thing you need to do is prepare the device. Ensure that your tank and device are at room temperature—if you’ve been using your vape, turn it off for at least five minutes before you start with TC mode.

Once it’s sufficiently cooled, turn it on and put it in temperature control mode—if you can adjust your coil’s TCR value, you can do that as well. Make sure you have a coil that conducts heat properly. At this step, both the device and the coil should be at room temperature so that you will get accurate readings later on.

Then, install the coil. If you’re using a store-bought or prebuilt coil, screw it tightly or push it into the tank. Ensure that it is securely installed before assembling the tank and installing it on the mod. If it’s your first time to have a vape kit, you can ask your local vape shop to walk you through the installations.

Examine the screen to see if the resistance value is correct—if it is, you can lock the resistance. Each device will have its process for locking. Meanwhile, if you’re using a rebuildable coil, you need to skip the dry burning process. Doing so lets you avoid hot spots and correctly measure the resistance reading. 

Adjustments to the TC mode are automatic in some devices, but others allow you to customise the temperature and wattage. If your mod allows this, set your wattage and temperature at the lowest value on the coil and increase it gradually to your preferences. Finally, you can add your e-juice. Let the device stand for a few minutes, so the wick becomes saturated with the fluid. 

Is There an Ideal Temperature for Vaping?

After you’ve prepared your device, you need to choose the best temperature for vaping. This topic is one of the most contentious among TC vape users. Most vapers recommend that you set your device at 200°C to 250°C—if it’s your first time using a vape, start on the lower end of the range and increase it by 12°C at a time. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where you’re getting long and smooth hits without a burnt taste.

If your mod lets you adjust the wattage, you can test different values. The wattage determines how fast your coil heats up to your set temperature. So, this also affects how long your draws can be before the vapour drops off. 

In TC vaping, what matters is preference. You can lower the temperature and do the converse if you want it a little hotter for cooler vapour. Experimenting with the heat lets you find your ideal temperature. Note that temperature and dryness are related—if your vapour is hot, it tends to be dry, so if you want more moisture, stay at a lower temperature.


If you want to customise your vaping experience and prefer consistent draws, TC vaping is the way to go. It requires more involvement from you, but it promises reliable, consistent output. Problems like dry or burnt hits and overheating devices will be a thing of the past with a TC vape. Once you find the right temperature, you won’t want to use another type of device!

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