Are You a Vape Cloud Chaser? You’ll Need These Tips!

You've likely come across a vaper who's already blown smoke out of before. In the world of vapers, this activity is called cloud chasing or stunt vaping. Some vapers call it extreme vaping, but others prefer sub-ohm vaping. This activity is a natural outgrowth of the vaping culture, which values personal expression and experimentation.

While some people think it started in America's West coast, the actual origins of cloud chasing are unknown. That doesn't matter as much in this day and age, however. People care far more about the size of their clouds than how it all came about. In fact, cloud chasing is a major draw for people who start vaping!

Cloud chasing was just a hobby for some before. Now, there is a sport dedicated to the hobby! It is rapidly spreading around the world. Competitions take place everywhere, with prizes ranging from new vaping gear to thousands of dollars in cash. The fascination with this sport has grown steadily and has recently become a well-known subculture.

Here are some tips for cloud chasing in the best way possible!

  • Consider the Airflow - This is one of the most crucial parts of it all. Airflow has to be perfectly mixed with resistance for maximum clouds! High airflow, low resistance. Take note that vapour will end up thinning or dispersed if there's too much. In the same vein, too little won't give the necessary power for producing much.
  • Consider the Atomizer - RDAs are often the key for builds meant for cloud chasing. However, when it comes to performance, sub-ohm tanks are definitely up there now too. RDAs are still much better at airflow control, which means fuller production of vapour.
  • Consider the Battery Safety - The safer the batteries used, the better. AW,  LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony VTC4/VTC5 are ideal though there are others available out there!
  • Consider the Coil Build - Multiple builds can be made, which all trigger vapour production in a number of ways. Just keep in mind that the best way to produce plenty of vapour is through low resistance.
  • Consider the E-Liquid - PG does not produce as much vapour as VG does. It's important that the blend in use has more VG in it!
  • Consider the Mod - This may go without saying, but the right mod is vital. There are newer regulated mods nowadays; on the other hand, mech mods have raw power.
  • Consider the Technique - Practice makes perfect applies here, for sure. It's similar to learning cigarette smoke tricks; exhaling matters. Inhaling matters. It also goes back all the way to consistently having body posture that is proper during the vaping session.
  • Consider the Wicking - Pay close attention to the thickness and make sure the correct material is in place. Proper wicking will help e-juice flow to the coils and keep air efficient.


Vaping has become popular over the last couple of years for many reasons. The main entry point for many is cloud chasing, which involves blowing out a lot of vapour that looks a lot like clouds. Make sure to have considerations such as proper wicking, battery safety and technique.

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