5 Signs That Indicate Your Vape Coil Needs A Replacement

Whether you're a first-timer or have been using e-cigarettes for a while, it is important to recognise the signs that show it's time to change your coil.

Coils don't survive indefinitely, and they weren't designed to, so you need to take good care of your e-cigarette and clean the parts regularly. It can last longer, but remember that it will eventually need to be replaced. There are a few apparent signs that your e-cigarette needs a new coil and a few less visible ones.

Continue reading to find out the signs that indicate it's time to change your vape coil and where you can find an online vape shop in the UK. 

Your Vape Has A Burnt Flavor To It

This is an apparent indicator that your coil needs to be replaced, and it's something that most vapers will notice. When you vape, you'll get a dreadful 'burnt' taste in your throat that's caustic and unpleasant to make you nauseous.

When a vape tastes like this, it's time to look for an E-cig coil replacement at a vape shop in the UK since the wick and coil materials have most likely burnt and are no longer salvageable. 

Your E-Cigarette Is Making A Gurgling Noise

Some e-cigarettes tend to gurgle, although this noise might indicate something different. It might be a serious problem with your e-cigarette, or it could be as simple as your tank flooding and the coil needing to be replaced.

The gurgling can occur when your e-coil cigarette is not correctly installed if you've recently replaced the coil and hear this noise. You might try unscrewing and reattaching the coil and double-checking that all holes are aligned correctly.

If you still hear perceptible gurgling while you vape in the UK, it's time to replace your e-cig coil. 

Your Vape Has A 'Weird' Flavor To It

This one is a little more difficult to identify, but most vapers will encounter it. You'll continue to use the same e-liquids as before, but you'll notice that they're no longer satisfying. Maybe they're bland, or maybe they're strange, or maybe they don't have any flavour at all. You might be able to see the change in the e-liquid itself: it might appear darker than usual, as if it's changing colours when you put it in the tank.

Your coil and wick may have grown so saturated with other e-liquids that they can no longer provide you with the desired flavour. An e-cig Coil Replacement will address your problem once again.

Your Coil Has Been Used Up 

It's not so much how long you've had a coil as it is how frequently you vape (and occasionally the e-liquid you use!). You need to change the coil every couple of days if you're a heavy vaper who uses your e-cig many times a day. It can last a week or two if you are a frequent vaper but not very heavy.

Irregular or casual vapers may discover that their coil only has to be changed every four weeks. Regardless of your vaping habits, it would help if you replace your e-cig coil at least once a month.

If you're unsure how frequently you should change it based on your habits, keep track of when you put a new coil in, what e-liquid you use, and when it begins to taste or smell awful or unusual. You'll be able to tell when you've entirely burned it out this way, and you'll be able to prevent it from occurring again.

Your E-Cigarette Leaks

If e-liquid is leaking into your battery or from the tank, it's time to give your e-cigarette a full inspection. Take it apart, clean it well, check the batteries, and carefully rebuild it. If the leak persists, remove the coil and check it; the cause of the leak may be clear. 

Whether it is or isn't, the next thing you should attempt is an e-cig coil replacement. Hopefully, replacing your vape coil will prevent you from having to purchase a completely new device.


Don't disregard these warning indicators that your coil needs replacement. Putting it off can harm your vaping gear and make for a bad experience in various ways. The damaged coil will burn the ruined e-liquids! Replace your coil today to avoid being a victim of a defective coil.

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