Does Vape Juice Go Bad in Heat? What Vapers Need To Know

For most of the year, the UK experience is similar to that of other countries—the winter season is cold, wet and gloomy, while the summer is warm, sunny, and full of life. In just a few months, the summer season will be back again.

While some people look forward to this beautiful season, others, particularly vape users, have something they fear: the heat might damage their eJuice.

What Happens to the Ejuice When Left in the Heat?

The truth is that the heat should not affect the eJuice if it is properly stored. The problem is that many people keep the eJuice in areas that are not ideal for the chemicals to give out the best performance. 

During the heated summer season, your eJuice will still be safe to use. Unfortunately, if not stored properly, the whole experience would not be as pleasant as it used to be.

When exposed to the heat, the eJuice tends to lose its flavour, texture, and smell, resulting in losing its quality. The liquid also thickens when exposed to high temperatures resulting in clogging of the atomiser.

To understand this, you need to look at the components of the eJuice and how they are affected by heat.

How Can the Heat Affect the Components of the Ejuice?

One of the main ingredients of all eJuices is nicotine. That is the substance that gives the nicotine buzz that all vapers hope to get. There are two forms of nicotine in eJuice: nicotine salts and freebase nicotine. Nic salts are widely used in eJuices. However, when nic salts are subject to excessive heat, they can break down and give off a burning sensation when hit.

The next ingredient responsible for the flavour is propylene glycol or PG. When the eJuice experiences extreme heat, the chemical breaks down, and the eJuice develops a strong chemical taste.

Propylene glycol is also responsible for the texture of the eJuice. When exposed to the heat, it thickens the eJuice. That is why vapers usually complain that the eJuice tends to get thicker and cloudier in the summer season. In some cases, the eJuice gets too thick, clogging the atomiser.

The next component affected by the heat is vegetable glycerin or VG. VG is a clear, flavourless, and odourless liquid usually derived from vegetable oil. It is widely used in food, cosmetics, and drugs. When exposed to heat, VG tends to get thicker and cloudier.

VG provides the texture of the eJuice. When it is exposed to the heat, it loses its texture, and the vaper will immediately recognise this change. 

Does Summer Season Affect the Quality of Ejuice?

Yes, absolutely. It is during the summer season that the eJuice is affected the most. In the winter season, the quality of the eJuice is also affected but the effects are not as apparent.

What You Should Do

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your eJuice safe when left in the heat:

  • Do not expose the eJuice to direct sunlight for a long time.
  • Do not leave the eJuice in the car.
  • Store it in the dark and cool places.

When you follow these tips and keep them in mind, you can enjoy and prolong the life of your eJuice even when it's hot. 


It is important to note that it is still safe to use even when your eJuice is exposed to heat. However, the quality of the experience will be poor. Generally, the heat can affect the quality of the eJuice, but it is still safe to use. That said, some precautions are essential to ensure you get the best experience. That includes storing the eJuice in cool and dark places and avoiding direct contact with the heat.

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