How to Stretch Your Supply of E-Liquid

We all know how relaxing it is to just take out your vape pen and take a good hit whenever you like to. But what if you suddenly run out of juice just when you're craving a good long vaping session? It pays to have some extra juice with you at all times, but here are some tips to help you stretch out your supply of e-liquid, so you don't consume them all at once.

1. Take it Easy

Unless you're using a pen with adjustable wattage, please don't vape as hard as you can and draw your vape as long as you can, like you're trying to suck the juice out of your carto. Just take a normal, healthy draw, and you'll find that you get way more vapour than you'd think. You can also use a harder draw to finish a particular flavour you don't like and then switch back to your favourite flavour.

2. Increase Your Nicotine Level

Is your juice too weak for your liking? Vape stronger juices with higher nicotine concentration, or switch to vaping coils with lower resistance, which will generate more vapour.

The more nicotine in your e-juice, the stronger your throat hits and the slower your juice will go down. That's why many experienced vapers tend to increase their nicotine level as they vape more. Just make sure you're not vaping is too strong, or you might get a nasty throat burn.

3. Drip in Drip Tip

This is a great method to prolong your vape juice, and it's very simple to do. With your vape pen lying on its side, drip a few drops of e-juice into the drip tip. Be careful not to drip too much, or it will leak into the battery.

Over the course of the day, you'll find that the juice in your drip tip will flow down to the bottom of the pen and onto the atomizer, making sure you get more usage out of your juice. However, remember to empty your cartridge before refilling it for your next session.

4. Rewick Your Atomizer

Upgrading your coil is an easy way to save on e-juice, so don't be afraid to switch your coils over time. If you want to do it to prolong your e-juice supply, you can rewick your existing coil and make it last longer.

Rebuilding your own coils is a whole different skill, but you don't have to do it yourself. You can get your coils re-wicked at many vape shops. The up-time of your atomizer will vary depending on the material of your wicks and the resistance of your coil, but you will definitely notice the difference.

5. Use Thin Juice

Thin juice, measured in VG, is known to be a great way to improve your cloud production and to make your e-juice last significantly longer. That's not to say that you can't vape 100% PG juices, but you might have to take a couple of hits to finish your juice before you can refill it.

What's more, you'll want to make sure that you don't use too much juice in your carto as it can actually reduce your vapour production and flavour.


There are lots of ways to extend the life of your e-juice, and each will have different effects on your vaping experience. Experiment with varying levels of nicotine or switch to thinner juices to see what works best for you.

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