Vape Tank Missing Some Juice? Oxidisation Might Be at Fault -

Vape Tank Missing Some Juice? Oxidisation Might Be at Fault

Buying a new vape tank is an everyday task you’ll need to do once in a while, depending on how frequently you vape. However, you can buy a new tank to taste a new flavour even if you still have a half-full tank. So you go about your day, replacing your tank to try out the fresh juice then decide to bring back your previous tank. Only this time, it contains much less e-liquid than when you took it out.

You’ll realise that your vape tank drastically has much lesser content than it had before. No, you didn’t misplace your vape tank, and you also didn’t vape it unknowingly. The true culprit behind your missing e-liquid is the process of oxidisation.

What happened to my e-liquid?

Seasoned vapers are familiar with oxidisation since it’s a common practice for steeping, an advanced method of allowing e-liquid to produce a stronger flavour. In simple terms, oxidisation evaporates liquid and will definitely lessen its volume. Unintentional oxidisation isn’t uncommon among amateurs, which is why many people might be having the issue of running out of e-liquid too fast. It’s best to understand how it happens to prevent it from happening again.

Is oxidisation good or bad?

Oxidisation is the process of introducing oxygen into the molecules inside your vape juice. Under the right steeping conditions, oxidisation targets specific molecules to evaporate to give you less juice but a stronger flavour in potency and nicotine content. On the other hand, improper oxidisation can simply lead to normal evaporation, putting your stored e-liquid to waste. This leaves you with much less liquid with an even lesser kick from your first hit. It will result in a flat taste that’s barely worth vaping.

How does oxidisation happen?

Leaving your e-liquid in the tank for too long can cause it to evaporate over time. This usually happens to casual vapers who can go for days without using their vape kit. It’s one of the reasons why it’s necessary to know what your vaping threshold is. Otherwise, you’ll leave behind juice in the tank that will evaporate on its own.

A vape tank isn’t for storing vape juice for long periods. Instead, its main purpose is to have the best conditions for heating and producing vapour. This is why your e-liquid is vulnerable to the elements like sunlight and heat that can contribute to the oxidisation process.

How do I prevent my e-liquid from oxidising?

It’s best to return any leftover e-liquid back to its container shut with a closed cap. Besides returning it to its original bottle, it’s crucial to put your e-liquid bottles in a safe location. Avoid placing them in areas exposed to direct sunlight or inside hot storage places. This is why you shouldn’t leave your vape kit, especially your vape batteries, inside your car during a hot and sunny day.

Keep your e-liquid and vape kit in a cool and dark location, inside a cabinet or drawer. Doing so will keep its volume by avoiding evaporation. It’s an excellent way to maintain the flavour and nicotine potency of your e-liquids.


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